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RevBuilders Awarded Contract to Run Maintenance on Ultra Safe Pest Website

A Virginia-based marketing company has been awarded a contract to work with one of Boston’s leading pest control and management companies.


Gainesville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2016 --Representatives from RevBuilders Marketing announced today that it has been awarded a contract to run maintenance on the Ultra Safe Pest website.

"We consider it an honor to be chosen for this contract," said Scot Small, President and CEO of RevBuilders Marketing. "Our company has always prided itself on using a digitally integrated approach to marketing including email, social media, and other promotions to expand reach and drive results."

Ultra Safe Pest Management Inc. is a full service, pest and wildlife specialty company. Founded in 1999, Ultra Safe is a privately held company, based in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. Its mission is to provide its customers with advanced pest management solutions, exceptional customer service, and alternative methods to conventional pest control. The company leads, what it describes as, a team of professional and dedicated staff members that see every project through to complete customer satisfaction.

"In the same way that Ultra Safe Pest ensures complete customer satisfaction, we'll do the same with this contract," said Scot Small, "The strategies that we'll employ will not only give Ultra Safe Pest Management what they asked for to make their website effective, but they will make the website more accessible and useful to potential customers!"

"We operate with a 'continuous improvement' philosophy. Meaning that we routinely review our processes, tools, and capabilities to ensure we are performing at the highest level," Scot said. "Between our local project management and marketing team, as well as the remote execution of different aspects of the project from our elite SEO and SEM professionals, we intend to approach this new project with a certain level of enthusiasm, sure to garner results."

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