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RevBuilders Digital Marketing Helps Companies Put 2017 SEO Best Practices Into Action

Search Engine Land has updated its Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, and RevBuilders is ready to help online brands figure out where they stand with optimization and what they need to change.


Warrenton, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2017 --The table, which was originally launched by Search Engine Land in 2011, is meant to provide agencies, brands and SEO companies with a high-level understanding of how the SERPs are treating content and pages. The online marketing news site updated the table in 2013 and 2015, and it made the decision to upgrade again this year.

The table breaks SEO down into two major classes: on-page and off-page factors. Under each of those classes, Search Engine Land defines seven factor categories: architecture, content, trust, HTML, links, social and personal. The table further delves into 35 factors that are sorted into those seven categories, and the structure of the document follows the table of elements everyone remembers from chemistry class.

Among other changes, the site is now indicating that site speed, direct answers and mobile are bigger factors in how well your content and pages perform in the search engines. Based on Google statements and perceived actions the past year or two, the updated table places a reduced emphasis on the age and history of a site and the personal search history of the user. Personal social sharing and site identity were dropped completely from the 2017 edition of the table, and no new factors were added. Content quality remains the highest rated factor on Search Engine Land's table.

Letter and number coding on the table is supposed to help site owners, marketers and brands understand what factors most impact SEO performance. As such, the table provides a very high-level approach. What it doesn't do is get into the minutia, such as where exactly keywords should go in the content or whether social likes boost your overall performance — and there's a reason for that. While overall factors such as site speed and quality might be relevant to SEO success for every online company, maximizing individual performance requires addressing factors that are unique to your niche and business.

Educating yourself about SEO is important for ongoing success, as is working with a partner that can take best practices gleaned from resources like the Periodic Table of SEO Factors and put them into action. RevBuilders Marketing works with you to create unique, compelling content that hits all the right SEO factors so you can get found online.

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