Revolutionary 3D Printing Nozzle Now on Kickstater


Frankfurt, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2016 --3D printing technology is one of the most exciting advancements that the field of engineering has seen for many years, but the science is still in its infancy. Abrasive and high-pressure printing processes are still causing problems for print enthusiasts and professionals, placing a great deal of strain on printing machinery and causing nozzles to fail. This can result in lengthy and expensive downtime for 3D printers as they work to get their equipment back up and running.

Now, a team of tech innovators from Germany has developed a solution. Frankfurt-based company, DDDMaterial, has designed and built a revolutionary nozzle made from tungsten alloy, which has proved to be more durable and reliable than traditional brass or steel nozzles. In order to make these nozzles available to the general public, the firm has launched a campaign via Kickstarter.

DDDMaterial's nozzles have been found to maintain their form and shape under immense heat and pressure, allowing for consistently precise results even over long and arduous print jobs. While the chronic heat associated with longer printing jobs can cause the apertures of traditional nozzles to widen or change shape, the Tungsten Premium Nozzle is resistant to this. The strength of the tungsten alloy allows the nozzle to deliver consistent layer thicknesses even after a long period of usage.

The nozzles have also been specifically designed to achieve great printing results even with abrasive materials such as carbon fiber filament, which tends to wear out steel or brass nozzles quickly, rendering them unusable. This gives printers the freedom to experiment with different materials and add a broader scope to their work.

The team set out with a clear objective in mind; to create nozzles that are robust enough to stand up to the rigours of professional use, at a cost which makes them accessible to all. DDDMaterial's spokesperson, Christopher Peterwerth, explains more;

"Professional print-shops, prototyping services and designers want to offer their customers high-quality products at a fair price. Any failures in their printing machinery will raise the costs, so we had the idea to scale down the tungsten extruder dies of the plastics industry to the size of a common 3D printer nozzle. Our Tungsten Premium Nozzle was born."

With the nozzle prototypes designed, developed and ready to go, DDDMaterial needs your help in bringing this incredible advance to the market. The team has launched a campaign via popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, in an effort to raise the €40,000 required to deliver the nozzles to those that need them most.

Those pledging €15 or more will receive one piece from the first production run of the Tungsten Premium Nozzles. To get involved in this incredible project and to get your hands on one of these innovative pieces of 3D printing tech upon release, visit the team's Kickstarter campaign page via this link