REVOLUTIONARY ACTION-RPG Bringing Traditional 2D Fighting-Game Mechanics to a 3D Open World in "DEMON KNIGHTS of ANKHORON" Kickstarter

New independent studio opened by AAA professionals creates a beautiful new PC Game set in a dark gothic world of Ankhoron that is set to launch on Kickstarter.


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2019 --New independent studio Archon Forge Games (based in Vancouver and Hong Kong) unveiled a new online dark fantasy action role-playing game bringing traditional 2d "fighting-game" mechanics into the 3D open world. Demon Knights of Ankhoron will launch a Kickstarter starting 30 October 2019 and is designed initially for PC and with later release on consoles.

Players can choose from 5 customizable classes to be their hero – Heavy Knight, Deadly Hunter, Arcane Blademaster, Elemental Barbarian, or Dark Druid. Each can choose to swap between 5 unique weapon classes, 3 schools of magic, and a discover new loot as they explore the dark gothic world of Ankhoron. Players can master new powers and abilities as they battle demons and challenges with friends or explore foolishly… by themselves.

Demon Knights is looking to combine 2 popular genres of ARPG and Fighting-Games into a unique new online experience designed to for depth and replayability. Starting in the ruined town of Ashridge, the player will venture into the unknown as they help villagers, discover allies, and hack through demonic champions in the nearby cursed Drakien Monastery. Players can expect to experience many features including: beautiful dark fantasy universe, tense dungeon crawling, fearsome demon encounters, murderous traps, craftable enchanted items, and customizable magics.

- Heavy Knights are the last in a long line of honorable guardians known for their enchanted armors and unrelenting ferocity on the battlefield
- Deadly Hunter are known for their quickness and stealth as they rain death from afar with magic projectiles
- Arcane Blademaster learned long ago that magic alone is weak, mastering the blade brings strength to the transient nature of the magic
- Elemental Barbarian are not burdened by the weight of armor but wield the elements to protect themselves and wreck destruction on their enemies
- Dark Druids can expect to have access powerful monstrous abilities to defeat the game in an entirely new approach to ARPG and Fighting Game PVP.

About Archon Forge Games Co Ltd.
Archon Forge Games is small independent studio formed by a team of AAA developers who previously worked with studios such as Riot, From Software, Disney, Capcom, Bandai-Namco, EA, and others. Our team has spent the past 3 years developing this idea and recently committed to developing the game early in late 2018. Together our team has >50 years development experience and has launched >120 various games and projects.

Those eager to join the fight are encouraged to support our Kickstarter and pre-register at for special rewards and be among the first to experience Demon Knights of Ankhoron.