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BRC Revolutionizes the Commercial Collections Industry

Based Best Rate Collections, LLC (“BRC”) and their innovative Bid Board System Technology has become a major game changer in the commercial collections arena. Businesses can now get their prime debt collected by the top collection agencies in America at the lowest collection rates.


Charlotte, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2015 --BRC CEO M. Steve Turner has owned an air charter brokerage company for over 23 years and is credited with building one of the first "bid board" style air charter websites way back in 1994. Dana Turner, BRC's President, has worked for several of the top commercial collection agencies in the country and has been one of the top salesman in the industry. Now, they have formed Best Rate Collections, LLC ( They have 75 plus years of combined Sales/Sales Management, Executive Management and Company Ownership in American Business. BRC has recently released an exclusive White Paper entitled "Turn Bad Debt into Positive Cash Flow – New Debt Recovery Technology" ( BRC is easily becoming the best way for companies to get their bad debt collected by the top performing commercial collection agencies in the country. BRC knows that businesses can tap into these top performing agencies to collect their debt at the lowest possible rate. Businesses can use BRC's automated Bid Board at a 'net zero' cost. BRC guarantees reimbursement of our 1% listing fee from the BRC Member Agency to the debtor listing company that has awarded the debt for collection.

Best Rate Collections has designed the very first Bid Board System where companies are able to post their bad prime debt in an auction type environment. After the debt is posted, BRC Member Agencies can then "do their bidding." Co Founder Dana Turner explains how their ground breaking technology is helping to solve American Businesses' never ending problem of collecting prime debt, "With more than 14 million businesses that have the potential to have prime bad debt just waiting to be collected, we knew there had to be a better way to get the job done for the sake of American Business. Our Bid Board makes collection agencies more efficient while giving the businesses a chance to have the very best commercial collection agencies go to bat for them. One of the main reasons BRC has become so effective is because it saves BRC Member Agencies significant money in sales costs which are then passed on to the business public in the form of a lower collection rate ."

The cost for collection agencies to obtain prime debt without using BRC is rising due to the intensive production of agency sales teams. With BRC and their Bid Board Technology, collection agencies have saved on the hours of labor and sales calls that add to their cost of operations. This is why BRC is able to get the top collection agencies to lower their usual rates for American Businesses. Dana Turner adds, "The end game is guaranteed to result in the BRC Member Agencies acquiring prime debt much quicker and the Listing Companies getting their debt collected faster at a lower rate. Listing companies no longer have to listen to individual collection agency sales calls from agencies that they know nothing about because BRC has the top performing agencies bidding for your debt collection business. It's truly a win-win for American business and a rare situation with its "net zero cost" ."

New users can register online easily, post their bad debt and start turning their accounts receivables into positive cash flow.

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