Revolutionary Bra Company Launches Comfy Product to Embrace Realism and Nix Armpit Fat with a Chic Approach to Real Support

Targeting the overlooked majority of women who could benefit from a side support bra that banishes back and armpit fat, Orlinas Inc. announces the launch of the Comfy Shape Bra product line. Crushing the status quo, the bra line is intended to help authentically-sized women smooth the edges and oust the media’s unrealistic ideals of female beauty.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2016 --In the current culture of unrealistic body image ideals, who would have thought that a bra could be at the center of a revolution? Orlinas Inc. did. They're the revolutionaries in a $110 billion undergarment industry dedicated to giving women options. Taking their brawn to the design table, and applying five years of R & D, their push in bras do the unthinkable. They work. Minimizing back fat and armpit fat with back support bras that make one think they were suiting up for an evening with someone special, the company now makes an announcement. They're bringing a new baby to the line up. The new Comfy Shape Bra product line offers a bra that lifts, separates, and pushes in the bits that one wants to be hidden. Doing it without making a little thing like breathing comfortably scarce, the comfy bra puts a whole new spin on women's rights, yes?

Welcoming ladies of all shapes and sizes to a new world in bras, the Comfy Shape Bra from Orlinas Inc. makes one wonder why its design features aren't the standard. Not only offering a smooth cup with less decoration than the company is known for, the comfy bra shapes the body without restraining it too tightly. A bit easier to wear than the company's Super Shape Bra line that offers more structure, to minimize back fat bulge, the new push in bras solve the same issues. Best news yet, it comes in sizes 32B to 44H. Unlike any undergarment company in the marketplace, Orinas includes 48 sizes in their new line; unheard of in a sea of sizes that typically only go to 40DDD.

Elizabeth Wang, Founder, and CEO of the renegade company said of the new Comfy Shape Bra product line, "Our mission is to create bras that work for all women, period. For women's health and beauty, we want to get the message out that not just curvy women need a shaping bra. All women do. If younger women wear it on a regular basis, they're less likely to have unwanted bulges in the future. Our bras push in the breasts to create a more center front projection that separates. Most bras on the market let the breasts spread out and create the look of a wider body frame. Our customers report a younger and more uplifting appearance that can even correct postures. That's why we have many celebrity stylists offering our products to their clients. Celebrity talk show hosts and actresses at red carpet events make use of them regularly."

For more information visit http://www.orlinas.com.

For more information about the Comfy Shape Bra visit https://www.orlinas.com/collections/comfy-shape-bra.

About Orlinas Inc.
Orlinas Inc. is based in Manassas, Virginia and was founded by a group of women entrepreneurs in 2011. Revolutionizing the bra industry with a new proprietary holistic design, Orlinas keeps the basic needs and health of women in mind. To that end, the company has focused their energy on marrying beautiful design with high-functionality to produce high-quality female undergarments.

Elizabeth Wang
Founder & CEO, Orlinas Inc.

Website: www.orlinas.com

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