Byte Logic Systems

Revolutionary GPS Tracking and Safety Device in a Shoelace

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary…Tie your laces!


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2015 --This may be the most unique and yet totally genius project created in the name of safety. For the past two years Byte Logic Systems Inc have been pouring hard work and dedication into the world's first GPS tracking system in an incredibly under-appreciated every day accessory… shoelaces!

Consider the extremely practical applications that this new gadget can offer before overlooking it. The safety of small children, the disabled and the elderly could be dramatically increased by utilising this wonderful application of existing technology, blended seamlessly into everyday use. On a daily basis thousands of elderly dementia sufferers, people with Autism and small children are unable to be found due to wandering away from carers and their homes. Currently, the procedure for locating these people is contacting Police authorities and setting out a search party in the hopes that they have not been gone long enough to achieve great distances. On the occasion that these lost individuals are approached by a considerate citizen it is rare that they will be in possession of a bracelet or dog-tag necklace with their details on it. To solve this all too common predicament, the G-Lace was created using the latest applied GPS tracking technology.

Byte Logic Systems Inc have recently launched their crowdfunding campaign with the leadership of their Senior Software Developer and founder, Carlos Martinez. Their dream is to see a second prototype of the G-Lace to improve its capabilities and make its practical applications even more versatile. Visit Indiegogo to pledge support and back this wonderful idea:

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The G-Lace already has practical features such as being water-proof and fully connected at all times, whilst also being discreet and non-bulky in design. During a recent interview Carlos has described the G-Lace as "An innovative way to keep individuals from being lost if they wander and doing it discreetly to avoid any discomfort". Byte Logic Systems Inc believe that the implementation of the G-Lace into society will cut the missing persons count in the USA by half and increase child safety, which is an extremely positive outlook. Society will gradually become safer for the children, the ill and the elderly and will offer carers and the like peace of mind in the tedious stresses and worries of day to day living.

By showing support to the G-Lace via the Indiegogo campaign, backers can receive their own G-Lace to utilise with their loved ones.

Visit the G Lace Campaign for more information