Revolutionary New Pendant Light Creating a Stir in Smart Lighting and Marketing


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2017 --POVLAMP, the world's first 3D projection LED pendant lamp (patent pending) has already won a legion of fans eager to get involved. The allure of a futuristic lampshade that offers extreme customization has gripped the imagination of the masses.

The virtual RGB 3D Lampshade of the POVLAMP offers its owners the ability to completely transform the visual ambiance of a room in seconds, while the eye-catching design of the 3D lampshade hides one more surprise – the ability to change lightguides and create an entire new lampshade shape.

Supporters tired of the old-fashioned warm-yellow light lampshades found in rooms around the world have expressed amazement at the ingenuity of the design and the explosion of lighting options and designs now on offer – with the transformation taking place with a few simple smartphone commands from the accompanying POVLAMP app.

But POVLAMP is more than just about showing off its full range of sixteen million colors in the RGB spectrum; in an exciting new development, POVLAMP announced a second version of its original POVLAMP. The second version, known as the fusion, also marks a Kickstarter first: a collaboration with another Kickstarter project, Trickstick from Electricks. The POVLAMP&Trickstick fusion allows owners to upload images and animations using the smartphone app, opening up a whole new world of possibilities – one that is making marketers and business owners around the world salivate with anticipation – as well as private users seeking new, dynamic ways to view their favorite images, animations, GIFs and more.

"This is where it can get really exciting, especially for businesses who want a dynamic new method of advertising. Instead of just having a light source that blends into the background, the POVLAMP can become an almost interactive part of a brand's messaging," explains Leonardo Novella, designer and lead engineer at NDF Zürich, the team behind the POVLAMP.

"Any image can be used, and thanks to the LED technology used, it will be faithfully replicated by the POVLAMP. There are endless possibilities for marketers here.

The virtual lampshade could discreetly display the company logo, or it could highlight a sale, telling shoppers in a store that something is discounted today. With animations, the possibilities absolutely explode. This is a lamp that really allows people to explore their creativity and create a signature talking piece."

The POVLAMP silent motor powers everything, while the powerful LED technology used offers a lifetime of over 50,000 hours for an ergonomic, yet undeniably satisfying piece of art that can be changed with the flick of a thumb. With two independent lights – a dimmable LED spot and the projected "lampshade" users have a choice of three different lighting settings, making this a light which offers even more versatility than more typical ambient lighting operated with a dial.

With guerrilla marketing and interactivity gaining popularity for businesses as people grow immune to more traditional advertising methods, the POVLAMP marks a new potential strategy for a forward-looking business that's eager to make a seemingly-boring décor staple an experience that stops people and engages them.

"This can be a conventional light if you want – but the magic ingredient here is the unique 3D projection. People simply have not seen technology like this before, and it arouses their curiosity – how are you doing this, what is it? I want one!" laughs Novella.

With just one light, you can completely grab the attention of people and give them a message. That's so hard to do right now, and the POVLAMP is going to be a huge gamechanger.

Designed by NDF Zürich, POVLAMP© is a new genre of lighting, and the world's only interactive 3D projection LED ceiling light controlled from a smartphone. The pendant-style light is revolutionizing the industry – and with over sixteen million colors available, it can provide a unique lighting solution for any space.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter Campaign.