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Revolutionary Personal Drone Changes Piloting Forever


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2015 --Advance Robotix Corporation, an experienced team engineers and designers in the UAV industry, have announced they will be launching a revolutionary new "personal" drone called the FLYBi. The company, which has done considerable work creating similar social tech, set out to create the first drone that offers enough of a fully-automated system that users merely have to worry about enjoying the flight.

"We could not be happier with the final launch product. Families are going to love it and kids everywhere are going to want one when they realize how easy it is to fly," says owner and CEO of Advance Robotix Corporation TimVoss. "My team has worked passionately and diligently to create something that's so unlike anything on the market today. It's been great working together and we can't wait for people to get this tech in their hands."

The FLYBi features a revolutionary "bird's eye view" experience with one-of-a-kind Head Tracker Goggles which give the pilot a first-hand view from the drone itself. Included is a Wearable Wrist Remote Control that comes preprogrammed with auto takeoffs and landings, and a Helideck which doubles as a backpack and a landing zone. The Helideck also features a unique battery system that automatically changes your drone's low batteries upon its landing.

Jonathan Globerson, CTO and co-owner of Advance Robotix Corporation said, "This is an opportunity to completely change how people experience flying, how they use a drone, and even how they take photos or film videos. We're excited to see what our users come up with!"

First FLYBi's will be available for pre-order late summer 2015 on one of the popular crowdfunding platforms. "With beta prototype we are trying to share the technology we can create, but final decision about FLYBi features to hit the market mid-February 2016 will be taken by our backers" Tim Voss, Advance Robotix CEO said.

To learn more about Advanced Robotix Corporation, or the FLYBi visit the website at

About FLYBi
FLYBi is a personal drone that combines the latest technology and features to bring users a unique UAV flying experience. The drone is set to be launched for pre-order through an upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

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