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Asia Parenting Conference 2016 “Keys to a Fulfilled Child” Addressing Salient Concerns for Parents


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --Amidst recent news (Straits Times, Yahoo News, The New Paper) that reported cases of suicide by youth aged 11 and 14 years, we are looking at an unprecedented trend that heightens alert among parents, guardians and educators to probe deeper and tackle the real issues confronted by parents and their children. According to figures from the Samaritans of Singapore, suicide rates are increasing for those aged 10 to 19. Last year, 27 children in this range ended their lives. It is the highest for the age group in 15 years. In 2014, there was 13 suicides reported for the same age group.

In light of the recent spike of teen suicides in their schooling years – a 14-year-old Secondary Two student (Jan 2016), and an 11­year­old Primary 5 boy who jumped from his 17th­storey Sengkang flat (May 2016). Moving towards SG100, there is a pressing need and growing concern from Singapore's parents and educators to learn more about parenting strategies to address the stressors and influences that may cause young people to harm themselves.

Ms Y.Y. Low, a psychologist, life coach and Founder of Healtology who is a keynote speaker at the inaugural Asia Parenting Conference 2016 said, Parents need to calibre their expectations and learn about the real motivations behind the child's needs. For example, children tend to disclose their problems or struggles before sleeping. Parents can cultivate a habit by reading a book, or listening to them before bedtime. They can do a reality check to screen the health (progress) of the child and spend quality time bonding with them. Ms Low shared that during her work as a psychologist in Health Promotion Board, she has counselled children and parents in the Student Health Centre, from primary to junior college level. She has helped to screen students for various behavioural and psychological issues, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, paranoia and anger problem; and refer them to Child Guidance Clinic for further help and follow-up.

Keys to a Fulfilled Child

Based on KingsKey findings, we discovered that every parent wants the best for his/her child to nurture the giant within the child, as a future champion and fulfilled child. As we progress towards SG 100, there is a critical need to restore the foundation of character and timeless principles of life much as parents yearn to discover the multi-talents and unleash the hidden potential of their children, yet without pushing their limits.

Our first conference brings Singapore's parents closer to review their current parenting practices, and we hope to openly discuss the pertinent concerns and challenges parents faced in raising the younger generation. We desire for parents to unleash their children's boundless potential, energies and curiosity of the world to lead their lives well and with integrity in the future."

These recent trends in Singapore showed that we need a pivotal platform like Asia Parenting Conference 2016 to discuss salient topics on parenting matters as we move towards SG100.

On 25 November 2016, Asia's Parenting Conference will convene with parenting experts and participants to discuss 3 hot topics in the afternoon:

- "Your child's holistic needs and unlocking their inner cry and potential with parents as coaches." (By Mr Edwin Choy)

- "How best to nourish your child's brain health to optimal performance and role of the child's psyche and personality in impacting their holistic development? " (By Ms Y.Y. Low)

- "Secrets to achieving breakthroughs in learning abilities and higher IQ." (By Dr Ng Meng Lek)

The panels of discussion will raise thought-provoking and controversial issues in our cosmopolitan society and drives home to parents and guardians alike how best to raise and inculcate discerning minds and instill lifelong valued principles as responsible stewards of children in their care.

Leading experts sharing insights on best practices on parenting

Participants can gain insights from a panel of both leading experts and reputable role model parents in tune with Asian perspectives, as well as, deep exposure to positive influences impacting our children's holistic development.

Keynote speakers' topics include understanding a child's holistic needs and unlocking his or her inner cry and potential with parents as coaches by Mr Edwin Choy. Ms Y.Y. Low will explain how each child's unique personality, effective parental guidance and character-building affect their personal development and life choices they make in their growing up years. The latest scientific discovery and clinical evidences to reaching your child's brain optimal performance and hidden secrets to achieving breakthroughs in learning abilities to higher IQ will also be shared by Dr Ng Meng Lek.

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