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R&H Machine Has Redefined the Piping Industry with Its Ultimate Connecting Solution



Longview, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2017 --R&H Machine, LLC has announced that they are providing the most efficient safe and reliable pipe connector assemblies called 'SaferUnion' in the industry to prevent some of the biggest safety hazards that plague the piping industry. The efficiency and productivity of oil and gas, chemical production, water processing and other industries depend heavily on their ability to transport fluids through various pipes and the Texas based company machines the intricate parts of the pipe assemblies to solve issues in the oil and gas industry.

"While pipes are essential to resource transportation, they introduce safety hazards that need to be addressed and our knowledge of the industry helps us identify the inefficiencies of current tools such as hammer union designs." Said the spokesperson of R&H Machine while talking about the issues and hazards in the industry. "We proudly manufacture solutions utilizing techniques such as CNC machining, welding, plasma cutting, and other forms of manual or automated fabrication." He added. Their facility has been in operation in Longview, Texas since 1992.

In the piping industry for resources such as oil, gas or water, connections are the most critical part of a pipe because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. During high pressure, a single leak can be catastrophic and can cause losses of great magnitude. While traditional unions require the use of a sledgehammer to tighten or loosen connections. This is a very crude and dangerous means of forming a sealed connection. Conventional hammer unions present substantial safety hazards due to several reasons.

Therefore, an innovative solution has been offered by R&H Machine and it is called the SaferUnion. This remarkable innovation has not only reduced hammer union hazards dramatically but it has been introduced as an all new wing nut fastener that provides greater safety in dangerous working environments. It is a superior alternative to conventional hammer unions because it requires the use of less energy. Instead of requiring a sledgehammer to tighten the connection, the new design uses a bar with a long moment arm that is capable of providing sufficient torque on the wing nut to either tighten or loosen the connection.

Tests conducted by R&H Machine according to the QSP?SU1 procedure has demonstrated that the SaferUnion™ can, on average, be supplied with 18% more torque compared to the conventional hammer unions (1240 lbs. ft. vs. 1052 lbs. ft.). In addition, the bar handle is equipped with a detachable connector piece on one end, where the clearance between the connector and the handle allows the application of additional torque without any damage to the bar.

In addition, the SaferUnion™ bar handle connector has a slot on the end which engages the union, which matches pins inside the openings on the wing nut. When the bar tip is inserted into the handle slot, the wing nut pin locks the handle in place, which prevents unintentional detachment. SaferUnion™ makes the process of tightening and loosening a connection easier, more convenient, more cost-saving, and safer. There are several great reasons that make this solution one of the most superior and reliable way in the piping industry and it will revolutionize the connecting of pipes worldwide like never before.

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