Rhino Hide Announces Bulletproof Wall Filler to Protect Students and Staff from Active Shooters

Groundbreaking new two-part liquid pours into existing walls and hardens to become bulletproof – allows kids and staff to shelter in place until the police arrive.


Sand Point, ID -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2018 --Rhino Hide LLC today announced it will launch a line of liquid chemical wall-filler products that turn any classroom into a bulletproof safe-room where children and teachers can instantly shelter in place while waiting for the police to arrive. The projectile-resistant product can also be used to fortify community buildings against storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

"I invented Rhino Hide because I have a daughter in high school. I see school shootings occurring more and more frequently. It is sickening to imagine this sort of violence occurring at her school," said Jason Giddings, Rhino Hide's CEO. "So far, 256 regular folks have invested over $78,000 in the StartEngine campaign and made it possible to build an entire company to solve this epidemic."

Rhino Hide's competitors install small, bulletproof rooms inside one corner of each classroom. Precious time is wasted moving kids from their seats into the barricades. With Rhino Hide the classrooms are the saferooms. Kids can just wait for the police to arrive, safely in their seats.

Rhino Hide LLC is actively recruiting a national network of over 300 companies that will become certified installers all over the United States. This network will provide highly-trained, quality installation and customer service.

In addition to schools, Rhino Hide Bulletproof Wall Filler can be installed into community storm shelters, DIY home shelters, office and government buildings, police cars, military bases, movie theaters and even banks, protecting people wherever they gather from active shooters and severe storms.

Rhino Hide is currently seeking a total investment of $107,000 in equity crowdfunding. Anyone can invest as little as $100 to own a part of the company at

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