Dr. Russell Chin

Rhode Island Dentist Uses T-Scan and BioPAK Technology to Diagnose TMJ Disorders

Pawtucket dental professional Dr. Russell Chin provides advanced TMJ treatment using the most sophisticated technology and techniques available


Pawtucket, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/21/2014 --Pawtucket, Rhode Island dentist Dr. Russell Chin, DDS, is using the most advanced tools and techniques available to help his patients suffering from chronic temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and pain achieve the relief and comfort they’ve been seeking for years. In pursuit of TMJ treatment, Dr. Chin has introduced new technologies including BioPAK and T-Scan imaging and diagnostic solutions to the range of services available at his Pawtucket dental practice.

The BioPAK system helps measure the health and functionality of the patient’s jaw joints and facial muscles. The non-invasive, pain-free procedure employs a computerized diagnostic tool. The BioPAK procedure allows the doctor to perceive and diagnose the overall wellness of the patient’s oral mechanics, helping develop a detailed analysis of problematic muscles and joint areas to target with specialized treatment, encouraging quicker results in a more specific region.

A common BioPAK evaluation lasts 30-45 minutes, after which a doctor can see how joint and muscle disorders have affected the teeth and bite pattern of the patient. Undiagnosed TMJ disorders result in long-term wear and tear on teeth, jaw and muscles and can gradually ruin delicate restorative dental work as well, resulting in pain, headaches and interrupted sleep habits. TMJ symptoms include overall pain in the face, neck or back, clicking or popping noises in the jaw, pain or chronic discomfort while chewing, headaches and migraines. Those who’ve experienced facial trauma, have been injured or were in an accident, or are considering implants or cosmetic dentistry can also look into a BioPAK screening.

About The BioPAK System
In addition to the BioPAK system, Dr. Chin also uses state-of-the-art T-Scan technology, a sophisticated imaging software and device that allow unprecedented insight and detailed analysis of the joints, muscles and bone structure and health of the patient. The T-Scan system also features an advanced visual interface that allows in-depth analysis of results that both the doctor and patient can use to help determine the extent of any apparent TMJ disorders or other problems and how they can be treated. T-Scan technology and hardware is compact and portable, meaning that the results, data and technology can be used in any office, laboratory or clinic. T-Scan technology helps to measure bite strength and evenness, providing force and timing data that can improve clinical results without relying on non-specific descriptions of how a patient “feels” pain, instead providing hard facts and details for the doctor and patient to see. The procedure minimizes uncomfortable treatments and decreases follow up appointments.

To learn more about the technology Dr. Chin is using to improve the oral health of his patients, call 401-2780-1450 or visit the practice Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Russell-S-Chin-DDS-LTD/613097545466310