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Ricardo Invited to Participate in the Western European Block-Chain Forum


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2018 --Beijing Zhao Hua is a cultural communication company whose mission is to assist organizations and companies with their brand strategies and public relation implementation. The company provides professional services , such as promotion strategy, event planning, E-marketing and new media marketing.

Recently received the news, the first session of the Western European block-chain forum "Drive Innovation, Link Future" will soon be held in Madrid. Ricardo will attend this meeting as a special guest.

The Western European region and the government have concentrated on the current development of the world's blockchain industry and technology. They have created new business cards for the "blockchain" tech allies in various countries, and have actively become participants in the construction of "blockchain technology applications". And beneficiaries.

The organizer of this event hopes to build an international blockchain technology, application cooperation and exchange platform through the blockchain forum, gather the elites of the blockchain industry, promote the application of blockchain technology innovation, and promote cooperation between enterprises. development of.

This forum has received the full support of the local government and the business community. At that time, blockchain technology, application cooperation and exchange platform, blockchain industry technical scholars experts, and elites will attend the forum to participate in exchanges and share the event. Mr. Ricardo will attend the meeting as a technical consultant and introduce the development status and achievements of blockchain technology in Spain to the guests of the participating countries.

About Mr. Ricardo
Mr. Ricardo is a Senior Technical Engineer from Spain. He is a high-level language, assembly language, data structure, operating system, and database theory professional. He graduated from the University of Salamanca with a master's degree. After graduating, he went to the United States to continue study and worked for many large-scale technology companies in Silicon Valley.

The current summit focused on the discussion of policy orientation, application innovation, technological innovation, investment environment, and other hot issues in the blockchain industry. Topics include the development and application of blockchain globally, and the revolution in the blockchain technology brought to surrounding countries in Western Europe. New opportunities. Among them, special emphasis is placed on exploring the interpretation of blockchain industry policies, the forward-looking development trend of blockchain industry, the development direction of blockchain technology and application innovation, the exploration of application of blockchain technology by traditional industries, the investment and financing status of blockchain industry, and figures. Asset industry development and other related topics.

The Forum

In addition to the rich keynote speeches, the organizers of the summit also designed other rich and varied agendas, including closed-door sessions, round table discussions, and free exchange sessions such as dinners, to promote participants to better share their opinions and discuss issues. Build an open and professional exchange and cooperation platform for participating parties, and look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.