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Richmond Virginia Author Wins 'Gold Award' for Her Debut Romance Novel "Touched by a Phoenix" in the 2015 Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest

The award winning novel 'Touched By A Phoenix” introduces Brad Scott, playboy genius, the man responsible for developing the first Artificial Intelligent life form, Rescue One. His success is obscured by impending threats to the woman he loves. How far will Brad go to save the woman he loves and will he be able to overcome the impending danger looming before him?


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"Readers' Favorite is proud to announce that "Touched by a Phoenix" by Sophia Byron is a Gold Medal Winner in the Romance - Sizzle category in our 2015 International Book Award Contest."

Since its release in April 2015, the book has received rave reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads. Currently the book is featured exclusively on Amazon and is available in both Kindle and paperback formats and has been described as the most exciting romance novel of 2015.

Mrs. Byron, is an independent author and describes the book as a wonderfully romantic love story that defies what most would consider the typical romance novel by encompassing an intense plot filled with danger and espionage in this suspenseful, yet action packed romantic sizzler.

Sophia Byron said: "While erotic, there is a touching sweetness to it that reminds you of a Romeo & Juliet kind of love story. Yet, the depth of Brad and Alexis' relationship defies all odds. There is a sheer intensity and passion that rivals the fires of hell, forming a bond that cannot be broken. "

The story is not a typical romance novel. It is a book of adventure, secrets, and danger, with some readers of the book saying it is more like a big blockbuster Hollywood movie than a romance novel. The way the book has been written sucks you into the storyline, making you feel you are there with Brad and Alexis every step of the way.

"Touched By A Phoenix" has quickly become one of the fastest-selling romance novels on Amazon. It has received five-star reviews that include:

"I have a soft spot for relationships between damaged souls and the connection between Brad and Alexis really drives the story. The chemistry between them is truly delicious and leads to all sorts of very yummy erotic scenes. It also leads to the creation of the most advanced AI weapon ever imagined. Sophia Byron does a great job making the dual POV work here, allowing you to really see inside their heads throughout the story. Sci-fi fans will be mesmerized by Brad's genius, while romance fans will be reaching for the tissue box over his love for Alexis. The writing is fantastic, bringing the emotions through so that you feel the story. You'll laugh, cry, hold your breath, and above all feel the passion between these two as their story unfolds. This is one world I'll be revisiting again soon," Amazon Reviewer.

Another purchaser of the book on Amazon said: "This book broke the mold! It defies genre labeling. The story of Brad and Alexis is at times heartbreaking and passionate. They are living breathing, complex people who leap off the page. Alexis, the heroine, is an intelligent woman with a high-powered career. She could be portrayed as a one-dimensional ball buster but instead, has all these layers vulnerability, passion, humor, and, of course, a dash of the ball buster. Brad her counterpart is also a great complex character intelligent, witty and full of heart."

The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle download for $2.99USD, or as a paperback for $17.99USD.

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