RingHero Wristband, Comfortably Providing Safe Storage

Let’s face it. Storing valuables at the gym is a pressing problem. Leaving rings in a coat or open locker is unsafe. Here to help is the RingHero wristband, comfortably providing safe storage.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2016 --With the price of a woman's engagement ring resting well over six thousand dollars on average * it is obvious that these precious gems need protection. And these numbers do not even consider the massive sentimental value that wedding rings hold. This level of importance becomes an issue at the gym. Ring wearers are left with a few options, none of which are too appealing. They can use the provided lockers which are typically grated with holes big enough for any ring to fall through. They can leave a ring in a coat on a hook, opening the valuable up to theft. Or they can attempt to keep it on their person; however, this practice often leads to a few crushed gemstones. This is where RingHero fills its niche. RingHero provides a convenient and protective way to keep any athlete's rings secure: a modified and reinforced wristband.

This athletic accessory comes complete with a low profile design that remain subtly stylish. RingHero contains a reinforced, zippable pouch that is sizable enough to contain any client's rings. The interior of the pouch is lined with soft fabric, ensuring that that no ring is warped or scratched. The external material is flexible, sturdy, and sweat-resistant, allowing RingHero to double as a sweatband. And these specially-crafted Italian fabrics are also incredibly lightweight, so users will hardly notice the presence of the wristband.

But RingHero can be used for more than just athletics. Medical professionals cannot wear rings under their latex gloves, so they face a similar issue, and anyone from ballerinas to gardeners can benefit from a more secured ring. Sadly, this product is lacking the funding needed to enter the production phase effectively. To remedy this issue the RingHero team has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Supporters who pledge will receive rewards ranging from a RingHero wristband to selecting the fourth color option for mass production. With the support of readers, ring wearers will no longer need to stress over their location of their valuables at the gym.

About RingHero
RingHero was conceived by a team of four innovative women: Niki, Molly, Jessie, and Jess. Together they worked to develop a solution to a problem they found themselves caught in regularly. Now the team is looking to make their labor of love a reality.

To learn more about RingHero or support RingHero visit the Kickstarter campaign page.