Dr. Burnout

Rise from the Ashes: Dr. Clark Gaither Tackles Professional Burnout

Dr. Clark Gaither Helps Professionals to Overcome Job-Related Burnout with His Book Reignite, Consultations and Speaking Engagements.


Goldsboro, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2018 --The professional world has always been a somewhat cruel environment in many areas, especially as of late. It is not uncommon for working professionals to end up developing some sort of stress due to an array of different reasons related to their job and/or career. And that will likely lead these professionals to emotional exhaustion, rendering them completely burned out. Dr. Clark Gaither, who's a physician, an author, a life coach, a speaker and a specialist in the matter, has studied the consequences of such an issue extensively, but also lived through it. He identified the key differences between stress and job-related burnout, and developed methods and programs to help other professionals to overcome it, in order for them to find satisfaction not only in their jobs, but in their personal lives as well.

As a board certified family physician, Dr. Clark experienced first hand the long, demanding hours of a taxing profession, along with its emotional weight, and learned that the context and surroundings of any job or career can add to that exhaustion and push anyone - not only health-care professionals - further down the hill. Being burned out is different than being stressed, and both are important issues that need attention and action. Dr. Clark himself became burned out. Throughout this period, he was able to better understand all the negative consequences that can arise (poor job performance, chronic unhappiness, substance abuse, depression, and so on) from feeling burned out.

Every single organization should understand the need of an engaged, motivated workforce. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. In his book Reignite and keynotes, Dr. Clark goes through the hallmarks of what constitutes professional, job-related burnout, both at an individual level and regarding the workplace itself. In addition to catering to the person, Dr. Clark's methods and programs apply to the organization as well, leading it towards a less toxic work environment which, consequently, increase employee satisfaction and therefore their performance. This succession of steps will help professionals and organizations to overcome what is causing such problems.

Dr. Clark Gaithers' primary focus is to help transform the lives of individuals who feel they are burned out. To do so, he intends to assist them in reshaping their mindset for success and hopefully unleash their creative potential. However good at separating work and personal lives an individual may be, it's almost impossible to fully dissociate and disconnect them. Work can affect the personal part just as much as the other way around, and more often than not it's something rather difficult to perceive, let alone accept. Inside Reignite and any and all the other mediums Dr. Clark's present, professionals and their companies can learn to mitigate, alleviate and overcome job-related burnout, transforming their mindsets to find purposeful work and true passion for what they do.