Riveer Decon Systems for Biological, Chemical and Radiological Decontamination Proves Ideal for Widespread Contamination Such as COVID-19

Rapidly Deployable. Easily Operated.


South Haven, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2020 --Riveer, world leader in wash racks and wash systems technology, manufactures a wide range of military-grade decon systems, many of which are valuable tools for municipalities, fire departments and HAZMAT teams in the quick response fight against the spread of pathogens such as COVID-19.

Most notable is the Riveer TAWS. With 500 gallons of heated decon solution supporting 2 operators at 10 GPM, TAWS is the big gun in mobile decontamination. While most decon systems are able to spray a small area slowly, TAWS can saturate targets more than 20' from the operator with 10 GPM of 140-degree mixture. The 10 GPM foam application gun with 75' of hose and a 20' reach propels the decon solution over a huge area very quickly, making the most of your manpower. Powered by a rugged Kubota Diesel engine, the TAWS can quickly and thoroughly deliver a pathogen-killing solution to a 300' working radius. Excellent for large area decontamination where water source is limited and hot or cold operations are required. Originally developed for the US Army, this machine has a proven track record in desert, tropical, and austere environments.  Designed to be operated with full PPE, the TAWS is the right answer to quickly decontaminate vehicles, equipment, building exteriors, and outdoor areas.
The company's ACDS features all the TAWS features in a smaller footprint, 2 operators at 20 GPM, and the ability to tow in tight confines. The ACDS has on board heated water to support decontamination operations from 2 or 3 operators up to 300' from the cart.  Designed to be run in below-freezing conditions, the high desert, or in 120-degree humid air, the ACDS is the toughest portable in the industry.
For larger vehicle jobs, the Riveer Vehicle Washing System (VWS) is engineered to clean tanks, trucks, busses, shipping containers, vans, anything up to 160,000# with hot water and any single component decontamination material.  The VWS is the reference standard for cleaning to NATO & USDA cleanliness standards for international transportation of military equipment.

Finally, the NOMAD is a modular, self-contained solution to decontaminating ground support vehicles in remote locations. Consisting of ISO container, heavy-duty wash rack and both drive through halo or manual wand spray, the system will self-protect itself in freezing conditions, has a robust HVAC system for temperature and humidity control, and all the hardware required for turnkey off-grid heavy-duty DECON station.

About Riveer
Riveer is a global leader in Engineered Wash Water Recovery Systems for commercial, industrial, municipal and military applications. Riveer technology addresses the unique challenges of pressure washing hardware, vehicles and aircraft, followed by the recovery and filtration of wash water. Having developed the first environmentally-compliant wash rack, Riveer's product line today includes well known MudMaster™, BirdBath, TAWS®, ACDS, and TRS systems, as well as turnkey design/build systems installations. Riveer's engineering team, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing process, and world-wide service capabilities make Riveer the go-to name in wash water recovery and corrosion mitigation systems that deliver high performance, ease of use and unmatched dependability.

Riveer is headquartered in South Haven, Michigan. For additional information, visit riveer.com or call 269.637.1997.