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RK Photo Magic Trix Releases Tutorials Unlocking 3D Techniques for PowerPoint

A father and his 10-year-old daughter have unlocked the 3D potential of PowerPoint. Together they have created over 25 lively tutorials filmed in professional studios to toe-tapping music. The free online tutorials are scheduled for release before Christmas, 2014.


Hemphill, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2014 --RK Photo Magic Trix announces the launch of its preview promo for PowerPoint tutorials which assists presenters looking for ways of creating attractive, engaging presentations. RKPhotoMagicTrix.com offers free tutorials that explain how to use 3D techniques in the simplest way possible.

The PowerPoint Creation Process

The father/daughter duo have totally brought PowerPoint to life by teaching simple ways to make the clouds move in a still picture, make unwanted people vanish from an image, replace backgrounds with video, enhance and sharpen pictures as old as 25 years, create 360 degree scene effects, and use 3D effects to make a jumbo jet appear as if it is flying in a still picture. This is something no one else has ever tried to do using PowerPoint! They also explain how to create and animate a foot tapping, fast-paced family picture album with the people dancing to their peppy African theme song. http://youtu.be/xipeXRenpTc

Apart from these never-before-heard-of PowerPoint tricks, they are also teaching users how to transform PowerPoint using 3D, sports, TV, and news graphics! Additionally, they are using PowerPoint to make tattoo effects, draw sceneries and animate them, change dress colours, change eye colours, colour or streak hair for a funky look, replace broken teeth, create a horror look, or even do make up using the national colours. Making pictures dance to their specially created theme song is the icing on the cake.

Using tools in PowerPoint, many individuals end up creating generic presentations that fail to hold the attention of their viewers. With RK Photo Magic Trix, it’s easy to transform a boring PowerPoint presentation into an entertaining, yet simple, slideshow.

Using tools already in PowerPoint, users will now be able to create animated 3D graphs, charts, arrows, buttons, pyramids, info graphics, diagrams, and more. Family photo albums can be professionally created using Arkshya and RK’s techniques.

The preview promo video of mind-blowing 3D PowerPoint tricks can be seen at http://youtu.be/xipeXRenpTc

Benefits of the Tutorials

RK Photo Magic Trix was created to assist young people who wish to become successful in the business world. Whether a presentation is needed for college, personal websites or bios, family photo galleries, corporate presentations, or even for social media, RK and Arkshya’s training will get the presentation where it needs to be.

The duo realizes that all presentations must be simple yet entertaining, which is why they make the tutorials easily accessible to everyone on YouTube, with multiple subtitle language options. RK Photo Magic Trix brings PowerPoint to life by teaching how to create and animate images, graphics and more. The tutorials can be accessed at http://www.youtube.com/user/rkphotomagictrix

Arkshya and RK: The Teachers

The tutorials were created by a father-daughter duo, Arkshya and RK, who are determined to help PowerPoint users create impressive presentations.

Arkshya is only 10 years old, making her one of the world’s youngest online teachers. For her Photoshop tutorials Arkshya was felicitated and given a certificate for her teaching skills, in Phoenix by the Education & Human Resources Minister, Republic Of Mauritius, Honorable Dr. Vasant Bunwaree ji. The worldwide media reported it.

Arkshya’s father, Rajesh Kalra, is well-known for conceptualizing the world’s largest soap carpet and composing Uganda’s first Corporate Anthem along with African pop diva Grace Nakimera.

After longing for a simple way to create a professional-looking presentation of his family photo album, RK decided to offer assistance to people attempting to use PowerPoint for the same purpose. Now the tutorials have expanded to include explanations on using 3D techniques and other mind-blowing methods.

This online tutorial system consists of almost 30 tutorials, which were created using professional lighting and studio equipment, multiple cameras, and more, to make the viewer’s experience as pleasant as possible.

More information about the tutorial system can be seen in the promo video at http://youtu.be/xipeXRenpTc

About RK Photo Magic Trix
Rajesh Kalra founded RK Photo Magic Trix in 2013 with a desire to teach the little known tricks in Photoshop through lively interaction and music. Soon the company expanded to include PowerPoint. Watch this company carefully. This father/daughter duo is going to rock the world with software from Microsoft.

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Rajesh Kalra
Founder and Teacher
RK Photo Magic Trix