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Roadside Assistance Services for Mexico Travel by TravelCare Mexico

TravelCare Mexico provides peace of mind while travelling in Mexico through the provision of a 24/7 first responder support service covering the full range of roadside problems you may encounter while driving in Mexico. For more information, email or call toll free 866-travelmexico 866-872-8356.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2014 --When problems are encountered on the road, it can be a stressful experience to deal with even at the best of times. While on vacation or doing business in Mexico, experiencing these problems can be even worse due to a lack of familiarity with the language and inadequate roadside provisions.

TravelCare Mexico includes roadside assistance services as standard in its travel care package, which also includes real time assistance help for Medical and Legal issues. The comprehensive roadside assistance service is valid both for the use of private vehicles and rental cars. 24/7 help available through a dedicated real time call service.

Travelling in Mexico is generally safe, but as with all road travel unexpected things can happen. Having a bilingual team of advisors just a phone call away that can offer immediate support alleviates the need for worry while driving on roads in Mexico. Assistance with roadside incidents including a flat tire, dead battery, running out of gas, and the use of a towing service are all available free of charge. An emergency conference call to anyone in the US or Canada means that contacting those who need to be informed that something has gone wrong is also a part of the service.

About Travelcare Mexico
Travelcare Mexico is always on call to provide information regarding a number of different
Mexico topics relating to road travel. Information about toll roads that are safe to use, local traffic conditions and road closures are among the most frequent inquiries. In addition, a range of other useful travel information including weather conditions and information about where the nearest police station can be located is also provided.

With a team of bilingual professionals acting as your advocate and personal support service,
travelling on the road in Mexico has never been more stress-free. TravelCare Mexico’s first responder services will add a layer of security to any road trip in Mexico.