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ROK Universal Launches New Electronic Cigarette Kit in the UK

The ROK ICON e cigarette brings enhanced charge control through the ultra slim Power Pack


St Alban's, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2013 --The latest e-cigarette from ROK Universal has officially launched in the UK. ROK ICON electronic cigarettes offer e-smokers in the UK and Europe an improved experience through the ultra slim Power Pack.

Offering a genuinely satisfying balanced alternative to smoking traditional tobacco-based cigarettes, ROK ICON delivers nicotine in a smoke-like vapour, without any of the tobacco or tar. E-cigarettes can provide smokers with huge savings compared to regular cigarettes and are legal to be used indoors to ‘beat the ban’.

“We believe the ROK ICON is the World’s most ultra slim portable device that fits neatly into your lifestyle. It brings together all of the most popular elements of our electronic cigarette ranges, then takes the experience on to the next level. The ultra slim PCC makes it easy for smokers to charge their electronic cigarettes while on the move, and includes discreet power indicators so that you always can check how much charge you have remaining,” says Greg Forster, Managing Director at ROK Universal. “You never need to be caught without a charged battery again.”

ROK ICON kit includes:

- 1x Rechargeable power pack (1100mAh)
- 2x Rechargeable batteries (140mAh)
- 6x E cigarette tips (3 Tobacco, 1 each of Coffee, Cherry & Vanilla flavour - Strong 1.6%)
- 1x USB charge lead for your power pack
- 1x Legal information card
- 1x Plain English user manual

The ROK ICON power pack is the ultra slim line, in fact it’s smaller that the latest slim smart phones. Made from ‘soft to touch’ plastic it looks the business & with bevelled edges down the sides of the power pack it won't dig into you when it slips easily into your pocket. (Width 55mm x depth 13.5mm x height 111mm)

The power pack features a simple “push charge” technology for charging of the battery. ROK ICON not only charges your batteries on the move, it also holds one fully assembled e cig with an e cigarette tip attached ready to use (so no fiddling about between each use), one in the charge silo and three spare cartomiser e tips lined up ready to go. The power pack also has two power level indicators discreetly located at the base of the pack so you know how much power is left in the power pack & how much charge is in the charging battery stem. A fully charged battery will deliver approximately 160 puffs before needing a recharge (that’s around the equivalent of 20 cigarettes)

The kit comes with 6 cartomisers e tips, each one delivers around 35 cigarette equivalents as independently tested and certified by ECQO. So that’s 210 cigarette equivalents! Additional e cigarette tips are available in a wide range of flavours and strengths at great value prices, costing just £1.80 for the equivalent of 35 cigarettes.

It is good to know that if you are upgrading from a Jet Black or a Discovery kit, your existing batteries are compatible with the new ROK ICON electronic cigarette kit.

ROK ICON RRP £44.99 Launch price £39.99


About ROK Universal
ROK Universal is the leading electronic cigarette brand from Smoke Without Sin Ltd, an established limited company in the UK and a specialist in premium electronic cigarettes since 2009. Delivering sector compliance, product quality, innovation, corporate & environmental responsibility and exceptional customer service. ROK superior branded products taste great, powered by reliable technology & designed with ease of functionality in mind. We call this the ROK Universal platinum standard.

Smoke Without Sin is the only electronic cigarette retailer in the UK to carry the “Trusted Shops” marque. Other online retailer accreditations include Internet Shopping is Safe (ISIS) & Internet Delivery is Safe (IDIS).

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