Roll-Top, Claw-Foot Baths Making a Comeback, Confirms JT Spas


Larne, Northern Ireland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2017 --There are now undoubtedly many different kinds of bathtubs for the modern bathroom, but there is one classic style which is still highly in demand: the roll-top, claw-foot bath. In fact, it's more popular than ever, as confirmed by JT Spas.

JT Spas, a leading bathroom product supplier providing customers with such products as bathroom furniture, complete bathroom suites, radiators, shower enclosures and cabins, toilets and basins, and baths, knows the latest trends in the industry when it comes to bathroom preferences. After all, it has been in the business for a good number of years, and it knows what customers are looking for.

Recently, more and more customers, for instance, have been looking for roll-top, claw-foot bathtubs – the Victorian-era and Victorian-style baths which first became popular more than a century ago. These classic baths have been the symbol of beautiful bathrooms for years, and you can still see them in old hotels and castles. But not surprisingly, more homeowners today who are in the midst of remodelling their bathrooms or building a new bathroom from scratch are resorting to the classic, elegant roll-top and claw-footed bath for their master bathroom.

The freestanding bath has never really gone out of style, as many interior designers and decorators can attest. JT Spas confirms this, as its collection of freestanding baths with roll-top and claw-foot designs is more in-demand than ever. Perhaps one reason for its renewed popularity is the fact that it is more affordable nowadays – anyone can purchase a freestanding, roll-top, claw-foot bath for as low as £416.90 (as seen with JT Spa's Knightsbury Freestanding Luxury Double Ended Roll Top Bath, measuring 1760mm by 800mm by 630mm). But it's not just the price of roll-top, claw-foot baths which makes them more attractive to today's homeowners and decorators – it's simply their classic, stylish, and elegant design. The typical design of a roll-top, claw-footed bath is very distinctive and noticeable, and it can serve as a beautiful and striking focal point for any bathroom. Placed in the centre of a bathroom, a freestanding roll-top and claw-foot bath can attract attention and give the room unique personality and flair.

There are now roll-top, claw-footed baths available in black as well, which lends them a more dramatic look and appeal. Without a doubt, roll-top, claw-foot baths are more popular than ever and will always remain an outstanding classic choice.

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