Rooftree Launches Its Tens Unit Portable Massage Device


Dongguan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2019 --Rooftree is a pioneer in the massage industry and is ready to release a new product, the Rooftree Tens Unit. This device is a pocket-size massage machine which is perfect for treating muscle tension in the back and neck.

Rooftree has worked on reinventing the way most consumers perceive massage as part of their overall well-being. A massage is an experience that should be enjoyed daily to create a closer relationship with each one's body.

Regular massage sessions can enhance a person's physical and mental well-being. This popular treatment can be part of a massotherapy session or be performed independently. Massages can promote muscle and nerve relaxation, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as the assimilation and digestion of food. Other benefits include the elimination of toxins, the improvement of organ functions, and a general psycho-corporal awakening. In short, a massage can strengthen a person's immune system, while at the same time bringing comfort and well-being.

While often performed manually, a massage can nevertheless be done through a massage tool, whether manual or electric. Technological advancements in this area have magnified the sensations and the effectiveness of such instruments. The reactions are extremely close to the ones resulting from a massage provided by another human being.

The Rooftree Tens Unit has five pre-programmed massage modes for pain relief. Each mode is fully adjustable and it is possible to increase or decrease the intensity by pressing the "+/-" button. With its skin-friendly pad, it is not necessary to use a cream or a gel.

Massages allow everyone to unleash the body from the pain and from all the pressures. The Rooftree device is completely portable and can do a massage regardless of where the user is. This mini massage machine can even be placed under a person's clothes. Its soft vibrations help users relax and loosen their muscles in a very targeted way. The Rooftree Tens Unit is also useful for stimulating blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, and providing a relaxing moment to enjoy.

The Rooftree Tens Unit is operating with advanced technology, and it's a combination of traditional and high-tech massage therapy. It adopts effective acupoint pain relief. It uses a low-frequency pulse massage technology, and combines it with the simulation of manual massage.

Other advantages of the Rooftree Tens Unit are that it has a USB port and one hour is enough to have a fully charged battery. This makes it easy to carry it everywhere without worrying about how long its battery will last.

In terms of well being, massage is one of the most relevant arts. For this reason, Rooftree's goal is to provide more well-being and comfort to its customers suffering from back pain or any musculoskeletal disorders. The Rooftree Tens Unit can also be used to prevent neck pain, blood circulation problems, or cervical spondylosis. This degeneration of the bones of the neck can unfortunately lead to headaches and nausea. In this context, Rooftree Tens Unit plays a significant role.

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