Roommate Harmony

Roommate Harmony Launches to Help Keep the Peace in Shared Living Spaces

Rousing a run on kindness, a new website launches to keep college roommates decent and…dare it be hoped for, engagingly harmonious.


Bethlehem, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2015 --Who hasn't had, and this is said with the utmost respect, an annoying roommate? Anyone worth their salt has been pestered, peeved, perplexed and all around offended by roommate problems. Take that and couple it with homework due dates, full course loads and minimum cash, and a dirty roommate can get under the skin. With that in mind a new site offers college students and yo-pros a novel way to get along. With a 'yours, mine and ours' approach, Roommate Harmony emphasizes random acts of kindness and makes it easy to be fair and square.

Chad E. Jarrah, owner and operator of Roommate Harmony, said of the site's mission, "It can be a real hassle to share a living space, and we can relate. That's why our blog posts detail real experiences and share that pain with a humorous slant and solutions for dealing. Our organizing products give dorm mates a way to ask for what they want in a positive way. After all, communication is everything with housemates, right?"

With products that facilitate a smooth-running apartment, house or dorm room Roommate Harmony is launched with a practical approach. The shared living site offers roommates a colorful weekly planner, a chore chart and animated personalized food stickers. They also offer a sticky bulletin board with the site's branding in a choice of two colors.

Putting their hopes for goodwill into action, Roommate Harmony even gives encouragement on their mailing labels and utilizes green packaging. Products are also accompanied by a thank you card asking customers to pay it forward and make somebody's day.

About Roommate Harmony
Roommate Harmony is a website dedicated to keeping the peace between anyone who shares a living space, whether it's college students, young professionals or families. The site is a resource for products and blog articles. A portion of the profits go to benefit Project H.O.M.E. who helps the homeless in Philadelphia find housing, employment, education and healthcare.

Chad E. Jarrah
Owner & Operator


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