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Rotary Products Helps Prevent Loading Accidents with Dock Locks

As inexpensive protection against worst-scenario, dock locks are extensively used these days to prevent loading accidents.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2020 --The loading area between the truck and warehouse is one of the most problematic areas for forklift operators and warehouse employees. Incidents like trailer creep or premature truck departure and sloppy placement account for thousands of lives and injuries.

Unfortunately, safety measures are considered only after a severe accident. A simple dock lock can avoid many such loading dock accidents. These locks are inexpensive protection against a worst-case scenario, such as a forklift falling off the dock.

Rotary Products offers both truck restraints and trailer restraints, dock locks, dock door locks, loading dock locking systems, and dock lock systems. While trailer restraints help secure one's trailers and the merchandise day and night, truck restraints ensure that the truck remains safe at the loading dock. These locks are widely useful for safety and security for those loading and unloading the truck. They also provide for adequate safety measures to prevent the truck from being driven away prematurely.

Each dock comes with a locking mechanism that ensures safety and security. Today, these locks come in a variety of models and styles to accomplish the needs of the business. Along with truck and trailer restraints, the dock door has become equally popular these days. These dock locks contribute to the safety and security of the loading dock area.

At Rotary Products, the professionals aim at creating a safe, secure, and energy-efficient, productive loading deck. To increase dock performance, dock shock must be decreased.

According to reports from a reliable source, dock shock can cause long back and neck injuries, which means more strain on the truck drivers. Despite having plenty of loading docks, having a system to engage or disengage specific loading docks helps with efficiency quickly.

Apart from utilizing truck and trailer restraints, a complete dock lock system incorporates dock door locks.

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