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Rotary Products Inc Helps Prevent Accidents and Injuries with Dock Locks

To prevent an accident, injury, and damage to the trailer or truck, using dock locks is highly recommended.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2020 --The use of dock lock is widely known as it is used to prevent a truck from moving during loading and unloading. A serious accident can occur if the truck leaves the loading dock before the completion of loading and unloading, leaving workers trapped in the gap between the vehicle and dock. Fortunately, with the emergence of the dock lock, these accidents, damages, and injuries can be easily prevented.

Rotary Products are widely known for automatic vehicle restraints, which help prevent accidents and unauthorized entry. Apart from dock locks, Rotary Products also carries dock door locks, loading dock locking systems, dock lock systems and others.

Dock locks are primarily used to improve dock safety by reducing the chances of an accident. The goal is to ensure that the trailers and the merchandise within remain safe, day or night. Additionally, it provides an extra level of security when using forklifts to load and unload freight from trailers.

Truck restraints have started to become widely popular in recent times. Securing a truck to the loading area, these dock locks help provide a measure of safety for those loading and unloading the truck. These dock locks help prevent the truck from being driven away prematurely.

Each dock comes with a locking mechanism installed. These dock locks are typically designed to ensure safety and security. With a variety of dock locks available in the market, accidents and injury can be avoided.

It's not just about securing the truck or trailer to the dock; it is equally important to secure the dock door. Rotary Products offers a wide range of dock door locks that ensure the safety and security of the loading dock area.

Other products include dock bumpers, dock boards, and dock plates, loading dock seals, security gates, wall guards, wheel chocks, pit levelers, and so on.

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