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Rotary Products Inc. Offers a Wide Range of Air Curtains and Air Doors

Through Rotary Products Inc., people can easily purchase air curtains and air doors that deliver proven AMCA certified performance.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2020 --Based in Ohio, Rotary Products Inc. was founded in 1958 by James Buechel and has been a family-owned and operated company. It originally started as a company involved in making parts for street sweeping brooms and were called the Rotary Broom Refilling Service. They eventually got introduced to the loading dock industry and took up the name of Rotary Products Inc. Currently; they are among the most reliable and well-established manufactures and suppliers of strip doors, pit levelers, loading dock leveler, dock lights, and dock door seals in North America.

Among the numerous offerings of Rotary Products Inc., air curtains or air doors are one of the most popular ones. These items can save energy and create a comfortable, healthy environment in space by keeping unconditioned air, fumes, and insects from entering the room through open doorways. A typical unheated unit has an average payback of 2 years or less. Rotary Products Inc. offers air curtain models designed to protect any opening, all the way up to a 30' high dock door.

Air curtains and doors can be installed while being vertically mounted along the opening's side, suspended from the ceiling, or even wall-mounted. They feature a discharge nozzle with directional vanes that can be adjusted to achieve optimal performance. Whenever the door of a room opens, an automatic switch tends to activate the air curtains or doors automatically to stop unwanted elements from entering space, ensuring that proper ventilation and flow of air are maintained there. A host of configurations are provided for the air curtains and doors manufactured by Rotary Products Inc. to suit various rooms' requirements. These items deliver AMCA certified performance as well.

To contact Rotary Products Inc., one can give a call at 800-457-5251 or 740-747-2623.

About Rotary Products Inc.
Rotary Products Inc. is headquartered in Ohio, but they offer their services and solutions across the United States.