Rotary Products Inc.

Rotary Products Inc. Offers High Quality and Sturdy Edge of Dock Leveler

Rotary Products Inc. is among the most reliable manufacturers of loading dock equipment.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2020 --Rotary Products Inc. is an Ohio based business that specializes in the manufacturing of various custom-made loading dock equipment, including strip doors, truck shelters, and loading dock seals. This company has been in this business for more than three decades now. They are known for their quality products. Rotary Products Inc. was founded in 1958, but it was initially involved in making parts for street sweeping brooms. They were known as Rotary Broom Refilling Service back then. Eventually, this company's owners entered the loading dock industry and renamed the business as Rotary Products Inc.

Many people have a loading dock, but not enough room to put in a loading dock pit. While for some others, it becomes too expensive to tear out their old loading docks and replace it with a loading dock pit. In such a scenario, buying the right edge of dock levelers would be the most prudent option. Edge levelers and top of dock levers are perfect solutions for people dealing with limited loading dock space, average to heavy traffic, and light to medium loads. The edge of dock levelers is much less complicated to install than the typical pit levelers and is more economically priced. Through Rotary Products Inc., people can easily purchase a sturdy edge of dock leveler.

This company offers an edge of dock levelers and top of dock levelers in standard capacities up to 35,000 pounds, with options of 66", 72", 78" and 84" widths. All the variants of these levelers can be purchased with or without bump blocks. These edge of dock levelers feature steel gussets that provide 30,000 pounds of structural support when in the closed position.

People can easily give Rotary Products, Inc. a call at 740-747-262 or 800-457-5251 (toll-free number) to know more about their products.

About Rotary Products Inc.
Rotary Products Inc. is a family-owned company based in Ohio that majorly deals with loading dock equipment manufacturing.