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Rotary Products, Inc. Offers Premium Quality Air Doors

Through Rotary Products, Inc., people can acquire customized loading dock equipment.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2020 --Rotary Products, Inc. is an Ohio based company but offers high-quality of loading dock equipment to people across the nation. This company specializes in the manufacturing of custom-made dock seals and shelters, as well as trip doors. Rotary Products, Inc. was established in 1958, and over the decades, they have expanded their business activity into the distribution of all types of loading dock products. This is a family-owned and operated business initially referred to as Rotary Broom Refilling Service, as they used to make parts for street sweeping brooms. They eventually got introduced to the loading dock industry and established themselves as Rotary Products, Inc.

Among the wide variety of products offered by Rotary Products, Inc., air doors or air curtains are one of the most popular ones. These products create a more comfortable environment for employees and customers within a building and improve indoor air quality by keeping dust, fumes, and insects out.

An unheated unit would have an average payback of 2 years or less. Rotary Products, Inc. air curtain and door models are designed to protect any opening, including 30' high dock doors, and tend to have AMCA certified performance. Air doors and air curtains offered by this company can be easily installed in diverse environments. They can be suspended from the ceiling, wall-mounted, or even vertically mounted along the side of the opening. Such products are equipped with a discharge nozzle with directional vanes, which can be adjusted easily to achieve optimal performance. As a door opens, an automatic door switch can be used to activate the air curtain or door, subsequently preventing dust, fumes, and insects from entering the space. These doors or curtains would be deactivated as the door closes.

To contact Rotary Products, Inc. with questions or to set-up an appointment, people may give a call at 740-747-2623.

About Rotary Products, Inc.
Rotary Products, Inc., is an Ohio based, family-owned and operated business. They manufacture a wide variety of loading dock equipment, including impact doors, PVC strip curtains, and rubber dock bumper.