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Rubber dock bumper is the right choice for reducing the risk of damage from the process of loading and unloading.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2019 --Dock bumpers protect the dock from the impact force of backing trucks and trailers that can cause structural damage. One of the most significant benefits of rubber dock bumpers is that they can be installed anywhere that protection from impact is needed. As premier dock bumper manufacture, Rotary Products Inc brings a wide range of dock bumpers, including standard dock bumpers, extra length loading dock bumpers, extra-thick loading dock bumpers, steel-face dock bumpers, dura-soft dock bumpers, molded loading dock bumpers, etc.

Using heavy-duty rubber pads made from recycled bias-ply bus and truck tires, dock bumpers can withstand years of punishment while providing the most significant amount of protection, even with consistent pounding and abuse. The dock bumpers available to Rotary Products perform through any weather conditions and can endure through years of environmental elements.

Due to the variety in the dock, Rotary Products offers a wide range of rubber dock bumpers in varying thicknesses. Each dock bumper provides endless benefits, from styles designed for heavy traffic to one-piece units for lighter conditions. In case the clients are on the fence about the choice, the experts from Rotary Products can help.

Loading and unloading of goods are not as simple as it seems. Even the slightest inattention or carelessness can result in massive damage to the products. Rubber dock bumpers are typically designed to provide a soft, protective barrier that can protect products and people from dangers.

The most crucial ingredient of rubber dock bumpers is rubber. Apart from rubber, many bumpers are made from recycled truck tires. As such, some of the most robust materials are used to add more strength and protective absorptive abilities.

Other types of dock bumpers use molded rubber, extruded rubber, former conveyor belting, or even wood. The use of such materials helps prevent damage from cement docks, forklifts, and other equipment from chipping, scraping, and other damage.

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Rotary Products, Inc. is a renowned manufacturing company based in Ohio. They offer a wide range of warehouse safety and loading dock products.