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Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2020 --Rotary Products is known for its excellent service for more than thirty-five years in all of Columbus, Ohio. The primary aim of the company is to provide the best solutions as well as options to their most valued customers while ensuring safety and increasing employee productivity.

When a trailer backed into position against the dock bumpers, the operator presses the engage button, activating the Hold-Tile to rotate up and seek out the trailer's rear impact guard. The restraint then applies continuous pressure to the RIG to securely hold the trailer to the dock. After loading is complete, the operator presses the "Release" button, lowering the HOLD – TITE unit to a safely stored position, releasing the trailer.

The all-new truck restraints also include a selection of safety features, including locking mechanism, full communication package with signage and interior/exterior, red/green LED lights in opposing mode, etc.

These custom-built truck restraints give one full access to the trailer for unloading or loading of products. Rotary Product's custom-built dock shelters allow full access of docked trailers, unlike a compression seal with may take up some space on the sides due to the pads overlapping the truck opening.

The truck shelter seals against the outside of the truck at the loading dock, and a dock seal compresses against the back of a truck when loading and unloading freight. The traditional SH402 truck shelter will accommodate carriers 12' to 13.6" high. The SH402 units are also designed to accommodate trailers 8' wide as well as the newer 8'6" wide trailers. The units are equipped with full length, safety yellow guide stripes for proper alignment of the trailer.

At Rotary Products, the professionals are well equipped with knowledge and ideas, and they are ready to share information necessary for their clients. They are honest, and they care what happens after the sale.

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Rotary Products, Inc. is a renowned manufacturing company based in Ohio. They offer a wide range of warehouse safety and loading dock products.