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Rotary Products Offer Strip Doors in Variety of Sizes

Available in a wide variety of sizes, PVC strip doors can be arranged onto any doorway on curtain rails.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2020 --PVC strips are widely used as new doorway covering for walkways, cold storage, food processing units, pharmaceutical labs, and homes. Whether it is residential or commercial setup, people now prefer PVC strips made doors over conventional ones as they find them relatively easy to handle.

Coming in a wide variety of sizes, strip doors can fit onto any doorway. Smaller widths measuring 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm make the plastic strips easier to install onto doorways on curtain rails, and the door width can be reduced or increased according to the needs without requiring any technical help.

Rotary Products Inc is a reliable resource for strip doors that are custom designed according to requirement. Depending on the application, be it interior personnel door or an exterior freight door, the strip door material is available in different strip widths, thickness, and overlaps.

Different types of PVC strips are available for different environments. The strips available at Rotary Products are super useful and efficient for homes and industries where the highest hygiene levels need to be maintained during operations. They are suitable for cold storage where the optimum cold temperature is maintained, food processing industries, and pharmaceutical labs where both extreme cold temperature and hygiene needs to be maintained and various other industrial and residential setups.

These strip doors come in different grades, such as polar grade, anti-microbial grade, anti-insect, and anti-static grades, etc. The standard PVC strips are versatile enough for several uses both in the home and industrial environments.

Rotary Products enjoys trust among people for the quality of services and products offered by them. The PVC strips that they offer are not only cheaper and easier to obtain but also an economical and practical alternative over conventional doors. The fact that these doors require no technicians to install has made them even more popular among home and industry owners.

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