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Rotary Products Offers Quality Air Doors for Stores

The advanced air doors provide comfort to employees and customers, blocking the store's natural heat transport.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2020 --The utility of air doors is evident as it can create an aerodynamic separation between two climate zones. In an open passage to a hall, the cold air will leave the cold climate at the bottom of the passage, and the warm air will flow inside at the top. Rotary Products bring new advanced air doors that block the natural heat transport and creates an effective separation between the warm and the cold climate. Thus, these air doors offer practical advantages – effective separation of temperatures, reduced energy costs, and clear transport passage between two spaces.

The thin air doors offer free passage for transport. Whereas sliding doors make people wait until they open, air doors make internal transportation faster and safer. The probability of collision damage to doors is also decreased. Thus air doors go further where alternative systems such as strip curtains or high-speed doors drop off.

The modern air doors are used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from one space to another. Upon entering or exiting the building, the air door will activate, blocking unwanted outside air from entering the building and will deactivate once motion has ceased.

The use of an air curtain also makes entering and exiting the building more comfortable for employees and customers. Besides, the installation of air curtains reduces the energy bills by keeping the interior temperature consistent. These doors help create a uniform, comfortable working condition for the employees, vendors, customers, and others.

They also produce very little noise, using low sound levels while maintaining the ultimate efficiency. These energy efficiency products are easily installed either suspended from the ceiling, around door tracks, wall-mounted, or vertically mounted along the side of the opening.

They are almost entirely unobtrusive and simple, eliminating the need for alternative heavy or bulky overhead doors.

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