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Rotary Products Offers Super Strong Edge of Dock Leveler

For those looking for door dock seals, Rotary Products is the right resource to come by.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2021 --Edge of dock leveler is perfect for trailers with a limited working range. It is ideal for servicing trucks with minimal height difference or where space is a problem. When the vehicle moves backward against the bumpers, the lip can be brought down on the vehicle deck using the operating handle. After loading or unloading, the vehicle may depart, and the lip will safely fall to the parked position behind the bumpers. This ensures that the next vehicle to dock will do so without damaging the vehicle or the leveler.

In other words, the purpose of this solution is to bridge the gap from the edge of the loading area to a truck or ramp. Unlike dock board, they are fixed to the loading dock. Rotary Products offers a top-quality edge of dock leveler that are ideal for use when trucks are backing up to a dock.

With a simple pull of the handle, the leveler will lift over the top truck height for easy positioning. Combined with hydraulic activation, it ensures smooth and reliable operation. With loading dock equipment from Rotary Products, one will get more done in less time and increase one's overall capabilities.

The advanced levelers available at Rotary Products are smooth and easy to operate. Whether using the handle or the wall-mounted push button, it extends fully to the trailer bed's height for safe freight handling.

Engineered using a three-dimensional engineering software package, they are durable and ideal for retrofit. The system has a safety maintenance strut to secure the unit while performing routine maintenance. Quick and easy lifting and positioning, supremely safety features, and low maintenance are some of the key reasons why the edge of dock levelers are so widely popular.

At Rotary Products, one will get a special edge of dock leveler specifically designed for a low height loading dock.

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