RubyPath Is Re-Imagining the Path to the American Dream Through 'Connected' Online Investing


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2018 --In a bid to change the nature of online investing, revolutionary new investing platform 'RubyPath' is building an app meant to simplify the process — both in terms of accessing the platform andthe knowledge base behind smarter, more sustainable investing. Creator Ludwig Chincarini has just one thing to say about this next stage of growth: Move over, robo-investors — there's a new investing game in town and, this time, it's promising to democratize and personalize the way practically anyone and everyone invests their money.

From having $1,000 to accumulating $500,000 in savings, RubyPath imagines its investors as less defined by their assets and more so defined by the investment experience itself. The platform promises to address several big issues that leave the state of online investing sorely lacking. First off, all robos look the same and provide the same tired experience. Secondly, they fail to interact with customers. This means it's a real desert of human-to-human, personalized engagement with potential investors. RubyPath's functionality focuses on incorporating the principles of 'viral marketing', getting individuals investing via the platform excited about their investments and sharing the ideas with their friends. Where RubyPath really hopes to make a difference is in the quality of advice and decision-making around investments because, as it stands, robo-investing heavily relies on advice given based on a past that might not repeat itself.

Chincarini, the brains and brawn behind the Internet brokerage firm FOLIOfn and a full-time professor at the University of San Francisco's School of Management, knows more than a thing or two about the pain points 'regular' folk experience when trying to take their hard-earned dollars and build an investment strategy that is aligned with their long-term goals. RubyPath is intended as a web- and mobile app that allows would-be investors to simply log on, make a few choices about their preferences and begin to have their savings professionally managed.

A unique platform modelled along the likes of Uber and Airbnb, 'RubyPath' uses the Internet's inherent penchant for democratization, sharing and connectivity and applies it to the process of investing. As it currently stands, Chincarini sees major problems behind the state of online investing as it's done today — and most of his frustration is geared towards robo-investing. From this frustration, however, is born the opportunity to respond and instead build a solution that addresses these very issues, making online investing an engaging exercise in wealth-building instead.

Ultimately, RubyPath is all about offering investors of any stripe, any age and any goal the chance to build and manage personal wealth online in a way that is fun and entertaining and that connects users to one another. Fear of the stock market and confusion about investing or financial terms that typically overwhelm people --- these are to be a thing of the past.

With the momentum of RubyPath, don't be surprised when, very soon, you, too, might go from 'robo-investing' to 'Ruby-investing'.