Rundum Meir of North America

Rundum Meir Custom Garage Doors Now Available in North America

German-engineered side sliding garage doors are hand-made and built to almost any design needs


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2017 --Since 1968, Rundum Meir has elevated the architectural style of nearly 100,000 design projects around the world with handcrafted, side sliding garage doors. Rundum Meir is pleased to now bring their bespoke garage doors to North America.

Rundum Meir's Round-the-Corner garage doors offer unprecedented flexibility, even working in convex or concave curved designs. Built with premium components and hardware, Rundum doors are easy to operate, well-built works of art.

"Every Rundum Meir garage door is custom made per project, with few size restrictions," said Larry Vernier, President. "From a single-entry garage to a large aircraft hangar, our doors don't just do the job, they exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life. Each design is customized to enhance the architectural style of the building it's made for, from contemporary to traditional styles and everything in between."

Automated Doors Exceed Safety Standards & Expectations

Rundum's innovative side sliding garage door design excludes many of the parts that often break on standard garage doors, creating serious safety concerns. Rundum Meir doors have no tension springs, no chains, and no complicated pulley systems. The simplicity of the design and quality of materials used create a garage door that works flawlessly.

Rundum Original doors are available with manual operation or an automated solution developed specifically for use with Rundum doors for ultimate functionality and safety, meeting the Underwriters Laboratory's code for side sliding garage doors.

The door-mounted motor has a 2 channel remote control handset with homelink compatibility, a separate push button inside the door, and key activated lock. Automated doors feature contact-free limit switches and an auto reverse function that reacts when the door encounters any obstruction.

The design allows for smooth opening and easy operation that anyone can handle, and partial opening can be programmed into the operator to create a pedestrian door within a door.

Real Wood & Aluminum Options Available

Rundum Original garage doors are available in high quality wood species, including Spruce, Sapele, Hemlock, Larch, Cedar, European Oak and Iroko, with other wood options available upon request.

Original doors can also be constructed with insulated aluminum panels for improved climate control inside the garage space, with many colors and unique faux wood finish options.

A dedicated design team is available to help architects, builders and designers in planning, ordering and optimizing garage door options.

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