Ipe Woods USA

Running Out! Supply of Ipe Wood Running Short for 2019

With the popularity of Ipe growing, some Ipe suppliers running very dry in supply for the second year in a row.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2019 --Sometimes in a world of what seems like an endless supply of everything, it is easy to forget that some things are not always available. Specifically, in this case, Ipe the Brazilian hardwood lumber is again in short supply for 2019. Ipe is a natural wood that comes from central and South America where it is often but not always floated down the rivers and cut mostly in the northern hemisphere winter months. Because the wood is primarily used for decks, the season for decking is typically in March-July whereas the wood is mostly cut and exported in November-January. This means that preparing lumber companies must properly prepare for the decking season to meet consumer demand.

However, with the lumbers popularity taking off all across the country it is has become hard to determine the right quantities to purchase in the prime months. This has led to some importers and retailers running very dry in their supply. In 2018 some companies ran completely out of inventory of many of the most popular sizes. Again we are seeing in 2019 the supply does not seem adequate for the demand. In early 2018 Ipe Woods USA sent a message to much of their customer base warning that prices were expected to increase. Within one month of sending this email to the customers, prices were increased over 19%. It caused problems for many jobs that had quotes contractors were relying on. In 2019 we expect again that prices will increase towards the summer, luckily not by the same astronomical amounts that we saw in 2018. Ipe cannot be freely cut in Brazil either, it has areas and quantities that are pre-determined to help with sustainable harvesting practices.

Leading to even less supply for the increased demand. Throw on top of all of this that Ipe is also becoming more popular in Europe who shares the same high demand months for outdoor construction that Ipe is primarily used in. Since the supply is highest in the months closest to winter, it is recommended to obtain the best prices that you buy at the end of winter or spring. This will help ensure there are adequate supply and lower prices. All of this being said Ipe is still world renowned as the best wood you can use for outdoor projects, especially decks. Lasting in many cases over 3 times longer than its next closest exotic hardwood or domestic hardwood. Which means even with these price increases Ipe remains the king of hardwoods.