The PharmaHelps™ Network

A New Online Tool for Patient Support - empowers patients with free and anonymous support information.


Kulpsville, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2013 --PharmaHelps™ Network, the consortium for pharmaceutical brands that actively support and assist the patient, provider and healthcare community, announced the debut of its new patient support tool, Designed as a one-stop shop for all patient types and disease types, RxCruis is a free anonymous information tool with the most comprehensive support and assistance information available for patients. The free RxCuris search engine delivers a highly customized output for the user without requiring disclosure of any personal information. is uniquely designed not only to assist physicians and patients by delivering patient centric information in one location. A health care provider or any other patient advocate may access the site themselves or refer patients directly to the site for the patients' use.

“The vast majority of patients turn to their healthcare providers for answers. With, the goal is to assist the healthcare providers and patients with as many answers about therapy support and access as possible" said Stephen Casey, of the PharmaHelps™ Network. "Our mission is to help improve the patient healthcare experience. RxCuris is our first step by providing a one-stop location for physicians and patients to find customized financial and non-financial support information.”

RxCuris empowers the user by aggregating and delivering patient support information in a way that is easy and simple to use. The customized RxCuris report should help patients and healthcare providers better understand what is available to the patient improving their patient healthcare experience. Designed for patients who have been diagnosed and prescribed a medication, RxCuris enables users to find assistance programs, discount programs, support groups and other support programs, as well as participate in educational webinars. RxCuris is a unique new information resource designed to enable improved patient communication and understanding while reducing the time required from healthcare providers. Healthcare providers can simply refer patients to to generate a comprehensive individualized report of various current support available to that particular patient.