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Istanbul, Turkey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/17/2017 is a new site that is packed with full information about hair transplant. For every bald man or woman that wants to regain their hairline with the help of a hair transplant, is the site for you. has categories which include hair transplant articles section, a forum where readers can benefit from the experiences of other people, and a list of reputable Hair Transplant Centers in Turkey.

The homepage of is loaded with informative articles related to hair and hair transplant. A list of respectable Hair Transplant Centers in Turkey is also provided with their price tags. The location and price tags of each of the hair transplant center make it easier for people to compare and choose the right and affordable center for operation, treatments, and consultations.

Hair Transplant Information Section is all about hair implanting, everything you need to know about hair equipment, hair implant techniques, PRP and hair strengthening, hair supplements in women, what you need to know before and after hair transplant, frequently asked questions on hair transplant process, etc.

Under Forum section, there are many subsections; Photos Before Clinical Sharing – This section is for review pre-clinic photos.

Pre-Post Photos of Users – This is an amazing section for review pre-post pictures of real people.

Users' Hairdressing Experience – You are not alone! This section is where every member is allowed to share their experiences.

Hair Transplant Operation – Readers can share their experiences in this section. They can also review and post their pre-post photos.

Hair Transplantation Questions and Answers – This interaction section is where questions asked about hair transplant operation are answered by other forum members (real people who have undergone hair transplant or by hair transplant specialists).

About provides people who want to have informations about hair transplantation and hair care. Users can read the articles about hair transplantation, make comments to articles, share their experiences and can searc the hair transplant centers in Turkey. That's the reason why our slogan is "Everything About Hair Transplant".