Hot Belly Bacon Grease

Sacrificing Flavor Is a Thing of the Past with Brand New Hot Belly Bacon Grease

Christie Hughes is proud to introduce her new product, Hot Belly Bacon Grease, to chefs and cooks who love to present food with big flavor, minus trans-fats salt, sugar, carbohydrates and so much more.


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2014 --What do pastry chefs in New York City, renowned chefs in the iconic French Quarter in Louisiana and individuals on the Paleo Diet have in common? Hot Belly Bacon Grease. Christie Hughes, owner of Hot Belly Bacon Grease, has spent the past three years perfecting how to capture the unprecedented, rich flavor of bacon, while eliminating salt, sugars, trans-fats, carbohydrates and other additives many associate with grease in general.

With Hot Belly Bacon Grease, individuals can add luscious flavor to their favorite recipes, add depth of flavor to pastries, and surprisingly, give rich flavor to recipes on diets such as the increasingly popular Paleo Diet. The gluten-free product that is approved by the FDA and USDA, can be used on diets like the Paleo Diet because Hughes has eliminated the work of rendering the meat and draining the liquid gold that gives food flavor with her unique capturing method.

“I started working on this product three years ago after having a decadent Hot Bacon Spinach Salad at the Kentucky Derby,” says Hughes. “After realizing there was not a product on the market that allowed people to quickly add the rich flavor of bacon to their dishes, I went to work testing the finest quality bacon and methods of preserving the liquid gold-the grease. Through research and testing, I found that the ingredients we assume are in bacon such as, salt, trans-fats, sugar and carbohydrates, did not exist in the final product, making it the perfect, natural flavor enhancer for those watching salt intake, those on low carb diets, and the newest popular diet, the Paleo Diet. With Hot Belly Bacon Grease, people can stick to a healthy diet without sacrificing flavor.”

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About Hot Belly Bacon Grease
Our grandmothers knew what they were doing when they saved all that bacon grease. Not only is bacon grease full of flavor, but through Christie Hughes’ unique capturing method anyone can add flavor to any recipe with the peace of mind that they are not adding trans-fats, salt, sugar. Plus Hot Belly Bacon Grease is gluten-free and has less cholesterol and saturated fat than butter. This FDA and USDA product can be purchased at major online line retailers, Rouses, and of course, at