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Safe Journey's "Coachie" Provides Kids with the Ultimate in Headrest and Comfort During Long Car Rides


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2015 --SafeJourney's "Coachie," the revolutionary new travel headrest from Comfort Coach Products, is live on IndieGogo and seeking to raise funds to bring their product to life.

The Coachie represents a brand new product innovation for an age old problem- providing a comfortable ride for children when they inevitably fall asleep in the backseat of a car.

"If I ever drive by a car and see a child lumped over in "the sleeping hangover" ever again, their parents will be banned from the mom and dad club," jokes Nikesha Wallace, Founder of Comfort Coach Products, "There is no available headrest aside from the SafeJourneys 'Coachie' that can provide our sleepy little travelers with every care and comfort they need during travel rest."

Whereas other products do not offer the added chest and abdomen support aside seat belt safety during use, the SafeJourneys Coachie's innovative design includes head and neck support, created for support of all forward and side angles. Most of all, no other product can provide all this support to children in car seats, boosters and children no longer in safety seats.

"I am not able to rest when my children are not comforted," added Wallace, "Sleep happens no matter how hard they fight it. I created a comfortable place for our children to rest their head during travel for years to come."

The Safe Journeys Coachie is recommended for children ages 3-9 and is easy enough for a child to use on their own. The Coachie is a one size fits all solution with an included heigh tail adjustment so the product can grow with your child for years. It also includes a kangaroo pocket for hands and easy access for snacks and toys.

Aside from comfort, the product was also designed with safety in mind. The Coachie offers protection for head and neck during rest and offers added protection against seat belt and impact injuries. The company intends to use some of the funding raised to ensure all standards and criteria for children's safety are met which will require a standard crash test.

The Safe Journeys Coachie starts at $25 on Indiegogo for early adopters with premium models and multiple qualities available at an additional cost.

The Safe Journeys Coachie is now live and available for purchase on Indiegogo here:

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