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Safewash Technologies Offers Advanced Infrared Heater in Bridgeport and Brookfield New York

Through SafeWash Technologies, people can purchase various kinds of room heating equipment.


Mount Vernon, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2020 --SafeWash Technologies is a global leader when it comes to offering cutting-edge pressure washing systems and eco-friendly detergents. Through them, people can purchase a wide range of safety equipment, cleaning products, pressure washers, as well as heaters. SafeWash Tech aims at providing people with solutions that enable them to keep their living space both clean and comfortable. This company was established in 1940 and has catered to numerous satisfied clients since then.

SafeWash Technologies is renowned for offering the best quality of infrared heater in Bridgeport and Brookfield, New York. Infrared heaters are known to be a popular choice for both homeowners and business owners who have an innovative approach towards the aspect of space heating. Unlike the traditional heating systems, infrared heaters tend to emit rays that can heat everything in their path, thereby elevating the temperature level of the whole environment, rather than just blowing warm air in an indoor space. By purchasing branded and high-quality infrared heaters from the SafeWash Tech, people can make sure that their indoor space is comfortable from inside out. Their instant heating and energy-efficient feature primarily characterize these heaters. Through the SafeWash Technologies, people can acquire a wide range of infrared heaters belonging to the Val6 series, including the EPX model. It is the most potent and economical infrared heater model belonging to the Val6 and can efficiently cater to the heating demands of people. The Val6 FIR1300 infrared heater can also be purchased through the SafeWash Tech, which is perfect for larger spaces as it comes with the features of deep heat penetration and decreased intensity. Branded commercial electric heater in Brookfield and Brooklyn New York can also be bought through the SafeWash Technologies.

The SafeWash Technologies can be easily contacted at 914-668-7220. People can also reach them at their toll-free number, which is 800-678-7275.

About SafeWash Technologies
SafeWash Technologies was founded in the year of 1940. It caters to both residential and business clients belonging to diverse parts of New York.