Saga World Builder Is a New Opportunity for Imaginative Role-Play


Frankfurt, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2017 --Saga World Builder is a new and highly modular game-building system for creating gaming maps and environments. The system consists of a large number of double-sided modular map tiles and features hundreds of environmental objects, magic items, weapons, decorations, and equipment. With endless possibilities to create brand new epic maps every time it is used, the game's double-sided tiles have been designed so that players can draw on them with a marker pen, stick on, and remove the elements which are included in the set.

Saga World Builder tiles are beautifully hand-painted and designed to be modular so that they fit securely together, in any direction, to form the player's chosen environment. Each tile is reinforced and laminated to be durable and to provide the ideal surface for a pen or adhesive picture stickers, which are included in the set. Wet, dry, permanent, and non-permanent marker pen can be easily wiped away from the tiles and the stickers can be removed and used again and again.

The Saga World Builder set consists of reusable dungeon and mine tiles, and hundreds of picture stickers for environmental objects, magic items, weapons, equipment, props and decorative objects. The game is available on Kickstarter and as a bonus, when purchased from the platform, players will receive an inventory to store their objects as well as a set of neutral tiles.

"You can accomplish a lot with what is included in the set," says Max Newman, the inventor of Saga World Builder. "It's up to you to find out all the different ways you can put your tiles and stickers to use. Also included are pitfalls and traps to make the game even more exciting."

The game enables players to design entire dungeons and environments before play begins . Players can create new rooms as they explore and the game unfolds. Players simply add tiles to their map instead of having to stop play and draw new rooms while playing.

Saga World Builder features a "Fog of War" gameplay mode. Instead of laying out all of the dungeon tiles at once, you reveal a tile only after a player explores it. This mode works great for infiltration missions.