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Sales Gauge Launches New High Value Trade Table Application for Salesforce Users to Drive Sales Improvement

New app delivers unique visibility for sales professionals to increase revenue and profit


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2019 --Sales Gauge, a leader in the sales training industry, today announced it has launched a new application for sales executives using (SFDC). The app, which provides real-time insight into high value deals, is available at no charge on the SFDC AppExchange. In addition to full transparency into their sales pipelines, the new Sales Gauge High Value Trade Table app provides salespeople and managers a common language to discuss sales pipelines and forecasts.

Sales Gauge President, Tim Haller says, "Determining where your sales deals stand can be extremely challenging for salespeople, but it is also critical to success. The ability to identify which deals will never close means salespeople can prioritize where they're spending their time and avoid wasting it on 'no decision deals.' The big question is how do you go about identifying those deals? This app, in conjunction with the Sales Gauge eLearning module on how to build and customize your sales process, answers that question. Using the app and methodologies in our sales training, sales professionals are able to calculate a score and quantify progress for any deal they're working on."

Matthew Newman, Managing Director of ISS says, "Sales Gauge eLearning combined with the new Sales Gauge High Value Trade Table app has provided us great visibility into our deal status. We were able to integrate the app easily into our Salesforce platform, and with some quick customization, we began to see results very quickly. We now have much better insight into and confidence in our pipeline."

SFDC users can get the app on the AppExchange. Once installed, sales professionals are able to customize a trade table, outlining various activities and assigning points to each one. From there, they are able to track deals, clearly see how they are progressing, and adjust their strategy accordingly. In addition, Sales Gauge also offers a complementary quickstart excel version on its website for anyone to download. More information on High Value Trades is available in Sales Gauge's eLearning module, SG5: Negotiation and High Value Trades.

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