Survival Strategies, Inc.

New Sales Training for Practitioners Who Hate Selling

Survival Strategies, Inc. recently partnered up with Applied Sales Training, LLC to offer training to practitioners and their staff on a new sales approach, who would rather do just about anything else than sales.


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/23/2012 --Survival Strategies, Inc. recently partnered up with Applied Sales Training, LLC to offer a new sales approach to the Healthcare Industry.

“It is a known fact that most private practitioners and their staff will avoid sales at all costs. However, selling is an integral part of any business, like it or not,” remarked Mr. Ron Norton, Founder of Applied Sales Training.

According to Mr. Norton, this sales training program was designed to train the practitioner and their staff to be able to overcome barriers in getting a patient to accept and complete their treatment plan.

After interviewing over 100 staff, he said it became very apparent that employees simply did not know what to say when encountering usual sales resistance from patients. The course addresses the everyday objections that practitioners and staff need to overcome to guide patients to start and complete their treatment plans.

Mr. Norton added, “Like anything, it takes know-how and practice and we found that anyone who wants to, can improve their sales skills markedly.”

The sales training consists of 10 steps of theory courses and apprenticeships. These steps are:

1. Sales Orientation
2. The Powerful Referral Program
3. Controlling the conversation
4. Scheduling
5. The sales “laws” of each office position
6. Care factor
7. How to handle objections
8. Reactivating former patients
9. Advanced selling techniques
10. Closing techniques.

The theory of the first eight courses takes 24 to 32 hours to complete. The last two steps are professional sales courses specifically designed for staff who handle financial arrangements with patients and these courses take 2 weeks of training each.

Wendi Stanley, Marketing Director of Rebound Physical Therapy in Topeka, Kansas, along with the practice owner and several other staff, were one of the first Survival Strategies clients to go through the sales training. Here is her feedback:

“From this training I have increased knowledge on closing patients for new services/programs and keeping regular scheduled appointments. I have increased certainty on getting agreements from patients on keeping their appointments and completing their treatment programs. I can’t wait for the rest of our staff to get this information! Great stuff!”

More detailed information about the Sales Training Program can be found on their website: