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Sam Mustafa of Charleston: Food Services Must Meet High Standards of Safety, Consistency

In order to ensure food safety among American consumers, foodservice giant, Sysco, has made changes to its quality control processes that are hoped to be adopted across the industry. Sam Mustafa of Charleston Hospitality Group explains the importance of maintaining food service.


Charleston, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2012 --Although there are many food safety guidelines already in place for American manufacturers, restaurants and suppliers, consumers have grown more concerned with what they are putting in their bodies. Part of consumer concern stems from questions regarding food safety, a factor discussed in a recent article from Beef Magazine. The article observes how Sysco—a leading company in the foodservice industry—has addressed recent consumer demand for more information regarding food safety practices. As an expert in the catering industry, Sam Mustafa of Charleston believes that those in the food industry must work to provide consistent quality and food safety for both travelers and residents all across America.

According to the article, consistency in food safety is a widespread issue across the beef industry, and is something that Sysco is working to address properly. Norlyn Tipton oversees food safety initiatives for Sysco and tells Beef Magazine that all segments of the industry must work together to provide consumers with a higher level of satisfaction. He states, “You’ve got to be prepared to go back to the consumer and give that consumer an idea of what is happening and what isn’t happening. You’ve got to be prepared with something—like a website or information program—that you can use to respond to the consumer when they ask what’s going on – because perception is reality.” To date, the company is currently re-launching its dairy steer program and has addressed consistency issues by providing strict guidelines regarding the weight of cuts of beef. Tipton adds, “[The food industry needs] to come together from a process control approach because it’s going to be a big issue moving forward.”

Sam Mustafa of Charleston responds in agreement to a uniform approach, “Charleston Hospitality Group is dedicated to offering a higher level of employee training for food process safety and consistency. Our proactive approach to sanitation education includes having all management staff attend food safety sanitation classes that are not required by the state. Our partnership with two of the highest food line distributors offers safety from a process control standpoint.” Although, food safety regulations are currently in flux, Sam Mustafa hopes that all those within the foodservice industry make efforts to enhance customer satisfaction in terms of supplying and serving safe products.

About Sam Mustafa
Sam Mustafa founded the Charleston Hospitality Group in 2008 as a resource to provide residents and tourists with the best in food, nightlife, catering and transportation available in Charleston, South Carolina. As a resident, Sam Mustafa believes that Charleston offers a wide array of options in entertainment, activity, and relaxation for tourists and citizens alike. In five years, Sam Mustafa has enabled the Charleston Hospitality Group to expand as a successful business that currently operates and manages five brands and eight companies. Through his group’s work, Mustafa continues to help improve the local community and allow visitors to appreciate all that it has to offer.