San Antonio Entrepreneurs Offer a New Restaurant Project with a Radical Business Plan: 1/3 of Profits to Workers, Another 1/3 of Profits to Benefit Community Projects


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2016 --Local businessmen Anthony Castaldo and George Woodard plan to open Zagara Pasta, an Italian restaurant, in San Antonio this September (2016). The food will be prepared, in-house, by artisan chefs and pâtissiers. To get the enterprise off the ground the friends are looking to raise $175,000 by Wednesday May 4, 2016, through online Benefit Corporation Kickstarter. Those who pledge money will not only provide San Antonians with new job opportunities and a new upmarket place to eat, benefactors will also be a part of history. By funding the restaurant through Kickstarter, Zagara Pasta can implement an ingenious business model they call "Plan Z – Pasta With Purpose".

"We call it a partnership model," explained Dr. Castaldo. "By devoting a third of all profits to worker bonuses every quarter, based on their hours worked, we all want the same thing: higher profits. Another third to their choices of community aid gives us all greater motivation to make Zagara Pasta successful, and builds good will in our community by helping people."

Zagara Pasta will make fresh pasta, bread and desserts in-house daily, any excess will be free to staff or donated to local aid outlets.

George Woodard, co-founder of Zagara Pasta added, "Plan Z lets us pay our staff well and build a perpetual stream of community assistance that doesn't rely on continual donations. We create value through labor, we sell entertainment at a profit, and we embrace sharing and devoting the majority of those profits toward making lives better."

About Zagara Pasta
Dr. Castaldo holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science; Mr. Woodard holds an MBA in Management with 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, including a stint as a professional chef. Zagara Pasta will be the second restaurant to emerge from the successful business partnership between the lifelong friends. A previous successful venture came to an untimely end when a fire broke out in the same building, outside their lease area, and destroyed the building. With the help of a global community of socially responsible food lovers, their new aim is to put the game-changing Plan Z into effect as soon as possible.