San Antonio Pain Management Now More Advanced with Power Strips Wearable Patch provides new Power Strips™ pain relief patches for San Antonio residents and online customers


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2014 --San Antonio’s pain management headquarters online,, is now providing advanced, holistic pain relief in simple, wearable patch form. Power Strips™ pain relief patches are an advanced, holistic way to easily manage pain symptoms without harsh chemicals or invasive treatments. This wearable patch transfers soothing, healing relief to targeted pain points for quick application anywhere on the body. Chronic pain sufferers can apply Power Strip patches to trouble areas and begin the pain relief process immediately. The strip’s specialized ingredients and design make it pain-free and devoid of the dangers of pharmaceutical medicine or pain relief surgery.

Power Strips are listed as a Class 1 device by the FDA. This means that pain management with Power Strips has been researched, studied, tested and vetted for safe application by anyone seeking quick, advanced, holistic, non-invasive pain relief options. The FDA’s Class 1 listing describes an extremely low-risk device, meaning wearers can experience true pain relief without the added stress of a long list of side effects found in commercial pain relievers and other medical treatments. The unique formula that makes Power Strips so safe and effective is based on natural ingredients derived from plants, minerals and oils. These natural elements encourage easy absorption into the body while reducing harmful side effects. Power Strips™ are created with a blend of germanium, fermented Korean red ginseng, and marine phytoplankton, or Alpha3 CMP™ in a specially-designed combination to provide advanced, efficient and safe pain relief. The adhesive used is a water-soluble formula that’s entirely free of any petroleum products. Once the patch is placed on the targeted pain area, it can be worn for 24-48 hours.

Simple scientific principles work naturally to deliver powerful relief via heat transfer. The heat in the environment is refracted by the patch via the element germanium, which also intensifies the heat’s comforting effect. At the targeted area, the wearers’ blood vessels dilate, which increases blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow promotes higher levels of nutrients, oxygen and energy, a combination of healing effects enhanced by the ginseng and phytoplankton present in the patch’s delivery dose. Scientific heat transfer, the body’s healing functions and an advanced natural formula of pain relievers combine in Power Strips to not only relieve pain in specific spots around the body but promote healing and long-term relief for sufferers of chronic pain. To learn more about the holistic benefits of Power Strips holistic pain management patches, visit