Garrett Downtown Chiropractic

San Diego Chiropractor Includes Massage Therapy in Offered Services

Garrett Downtown Chiropractic in San Diego, California goes beyond adjustment techniques to offer massage therapy for patients


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2014 --Garrett Downtown Chiropractic offers patients more than just a variety of advanced chiropractic techniques and adjustments. Dr. Garrett’s staff and onsite massage therapist provide massage therapy for patients who are in need of pain relief that can be easily treated by these techniques. Relaxation massage is available for patients experiencing back pain and attempting to find relief for the minor aches and pains that accompany many people throughout their daily lives. Dr. Brian Garrett often prescribes massage therapy as a complementary rehabilitation treatment for his San Diego chiropractic patients.

Chiropractic and massage therapies are focused on pain relief and bodily alignment, which restores the body to its natural, healthy state through a series of physical adjustments. Many new patients may not be familiar with chiropractic medicine or the benefits of massage therapy, which is why all are encouraged to engage in a consultation prior to receiving treatment for the first time. Dr. Garrett will perform diagnosis to determine which of the available treatments would be most beneficial. Following diagnosis, chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can be performed onsite. Dr. Garrett works closely with his patients and staff to design a specific course of treatment which may involve massage and chiropractic techniques for the relief of neck pain and back pain, and to facilitate pain management for more complicated conditions.

Massages prescribed by Dr. Garrett are intended as a functional, effective tool in fighting pain symptoms and treating the underlying causes of pain, making massage therapy a powerful ally in the chiropractic treatment spectrum. A number of conditions can benefit from combined massage and chiropractic therapy, such as injury rehabilitation, where treatments reduce swelling and improve blood flow. Patients recovering from auto accidents have reported that massages decrease overall rehabilitation time and may improve overall mobility and flexibility. In addition to well-known rehabilitation benefits, massage therapy can decrease anxiety, enhance the quality of sleep, provide patients with more energy, improve concentration, increase circulation and reduce fatigue. To learn more about how Dr. Garrett combines massage and chiropractic therapy to the benefit of his patients, visit them online at