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San Diego Company Assists Local Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

Forms Crisis Response Team to help navigate Insurance and HR issues


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2020 --Benefit Pro Insurance Services is an on-call resource for group health insurance and HR solutions that empower companies and employees in San Diego County and nationwide for over 15 years. Benefit Pro provides responsive, informative, and friendly service, with live specialists (not robots) eager to help ensure a better benefits experience for you and your employees.

As the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak causes major disruption and fear in the community and workplace, Benefit Pro has stepped up and created the COVID-19 Code Red Concierge Crisis Response Team to provide round-the-clock crisis support for employees and dependents of client-companies diagnosed with COVID-19. The Code Red team can assist with navigating the healthcare system, understanding insurance coverage, EAP and resourcing community-based family mental health and food delivery support. In addition, HR experts from California Employers Association, partners of Benefit Pro, are available to assist management with expert up-to-date guidance on critical HR issues which may arise.

Facing HR issues and questions the business community has never dealt with before, Benefit Pro's Code Red Concierge Crisis Response Team developed a quick Q&A guide - "7 Things Employers Need to Know" if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19 (see attached) such as: "One of our employees calls in and says they've tested positive for Coronavirus. What now?" and "How do we announce this to other employees?" or "Is there a potential HIPAA or Privacy issue?"

"We felt that in this environment, especially in San Diego County, where 90% of companies are small businesses, many employers and employees don't know what to do if they are tested positive for COVID-19. We thought, given our expertise, we could help counsel and answer questions on how to navigate the insurance industry and HR rules," said Lambert Hsu, RHU, Managing Principal of Pro Benefit Insurance Services.

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